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Thank you for your suggestions. We take everything to heart, and when time permits, we hope to add these features to listography.

  • android app (no time but maybe someday)
  • private accounts
  • download all lists
  • being able to change the color of every list
nov 20 2010 ∞
jan 7 2020 +
user picture Kristen: Timeline view would still be quite fun! nov 20 2010
user picture Nina: Wow, I can't wait for those features!!! More specifically being able to make/label folders, but everything sounds so amazing to me. In addition to private accounts, maybe have other privacy options (such as making individual lists private, or certain folders private) would be awesome as well. Thanks, listography--- for helping me organize my life. You've become my hobby. nov 24 2010
user picture lisa: Thanks Nina...and thanks for the feedback!
user picture Kaylee: I'm really looking forward to the listography widget, it will be a good way to let readers from my website view my listography. nov 25 2010
user picture listography: thank you for the feedback on it :) dec 17 2010
user picture a la folie: more colors? and font types? please? dec 3 2010
user picture Beau: Yeah, it'd be spiffy to have a colorwheel thing or a box where you can enter the hex code of the color. dec 4 2010
user picture GothFvck: Yeah, at least a couple "fantasy", "old english", and "handwriting" (cursive and comic) style fonts. Browsers handle a few of these. More can easily hosted on the server or freely pulled from (Open Font Library)[]. may 26 2020
user picture Karen: Ability to print out the lists. Or the ability to save it in a document. dec 5 2010
user picture listography: yes, thank you! dec 17 2010
user picture francisco: simplenote synchronization. it would be beyond awesome. dec 5 2010
user picture francisco: well now that i think of it, it's not necessary if you have the iphone app. have you considered using a simple unicode check mark instead of an image? ✓ or ✔ dec 11 2010
user picture adam: thanks francisco, i would like to change the checkmark to a unicode glyph, assuming it can be made to work on IE. jan 3 2011
user picture adam: francisco, this is now done! checkmarks are unicode glyph U+2174 instead of an image. jan 7 2011
user picture tinarina: i would really love to have more private folders, even just one more really, so that i can have one private and one private-archive. that would be great! thank you for all your hard work and for making a sharing such a great site! dec 17 2010
user picture listography: hi tina. thank you for the feedback. i totally agree and when we can get the time in, we'd love to have more private features...appreciate you writing!
user picture Maria Beilschmidt: We could be able to create our own folders? dec 18 2010
user picture listography: it's on the list for the future...thank you... jan 2 2011
user picture fourohfourrealitynotfound: I’ve noticed this isn’t on the list... is it still an option for the future? Thanks mar 2 2019
user picture Yekki: i love listography, but i agree with a lot of the people here; i feel as though i cant organize my lists properly because of the 4 folders. i would love to be able to not only have the option to create new folders, but also to be able to name and customize settings (public vs private, etc) dec 27 2010
user picture listography: it's on the list for the future...thank you... jan 2 2011
user picture a la folie: underlining? jan 6 2011
user picture listography: idea. thank you for the feedback!
user picture a la folie: thank you for listening! =) jan 24 2011
user picture nenia: I would love to be able to change the color on all of my lists simultaneously. Like, when you change your background and want to have all your lists in a matching color, or simply just want a change. Thanks for a great site! jan 8 2011
user picture C: yes! i like this suggestion. i haven't put up a background because i'd feel the need to change the color of every one of my lists accordingly. but i see how it could be an issue for those who don't stick to a single list color... jan 23 2011
user picture nenia: Or rather: To set a default color, which you can change when you please (and it changes all existing lists as well). jan 8 2011
user picture Vanille: Hi! What can i do if i don't see the new check marks?? jan 10 2011
user picture listography: Hmmmm...refresh your browser. If that doesn't work...write to
user picture Carol: I really like the 'generate a list topic' It gives me a lot of great topics. Is there a way to limit it to a category I've selected instead of generating topics of various categories? jan 15 2011
user picture listography: Oh interesting. Right now you cannot do it by category but we'll keep this in mind :) jan 16 2011
user picture fiona: I'd love options to name and add folders, or perhaps a tagging system if that was too complicated; I'd like to be able to have all lists of a certain type (ie films, thrift store finds etc) be able to be easily accessed via one link. Thank you for all your hard work! I love Listography so much. It's one of the only sites I actually want to use much anymore. The site is so clean and easy to use, and so pleasing for a list junkie. Your premade background options are the best I've ever seen on any website. feb 2 2011
user picture fiona: Also, as far as I can tell there is no option for allowing people you're following to see your (otherwise private) lists, sort of like a friends-only filter... I would REALLY appreciate this function, it would make me use the site a lot more.
user picture fiona: More color options for lists (that aren't just candy colors!) would be great too... some browns and tans, etc.
user picture alice o'bright: I know a major suggestion at one point was to make lists next one another (horizontally) automatically adjust to have the same height, giving sites a cleaner look. Is that possible? feb 25 2011
user picture listography: thank you...we'll keep it in mind! feb 27 2011
user picture erika: I would love being able to cross things out without crossing out the whole line of text. For example, how we can choose to bold only a few words in a bullet, in crossing out form feb 25 2011
user picture listography: interesting...will keep this on our list... feb 27 2011
user picture GothFvck: Basically a {strike} Markdown would be nice. may 26 2020
user picture freda: I'd like to be able to change my default font to something other than Helvetica or have a way of editing the design of all of my lists at once. And like another post, I would also enjoy having some brown colored lists. :) mar 3 2011
user picture a la folie: is there any way to create a sub-category list? mar 10 2011
user picture listography: yes. please see our guide for details :) mar 12 2011
user picture Justina: Someone may have said this already - I'm new, but is there an easier way to view people's lists other than clicking on "someone new" or on the homepage? like a "users" link, or "most followed" category? That would be nice - I love seeing other peoples ideas :) mar 11 2011
user picture listography: right now, someone new is the best way or the recent lists. we're working on some other ideas in the future as well :) thank you for writing in... mar 12 2011
user picture J: I'm not sure how to explain this... I have one small list that I keep on the top left of my main page, but because the list to the right is so much longer, the second list in the left column is waaay down and there's a bunch of space in between. Could there be a way to make the lists stack more closely so that we have a bit more freedom in organizing our space? mar 13 2011
user picture listography: This is definitely on our to do list. Thank you for the feedback! apr 6 2011
user picture Bliss: I don't know if it's just me or not but I would like to be able to search for lists about a certain topic or subject. I know that when you are on a specific persons listography page that you can search for something within their lists but I was thinking maybe a general search tool on the home page or something that searches the entire listography database for lists that are about or reference what you search for. Just an idea! mar 14 2011
user picture listography: We have a search feature on our home page which isn't prominently featured because it's not ideal yet. We hope to make it better along the way...thank you for writing in :) apr 6 2011
user picture ariadne: I'd love more background colors to choose, maybe a hexadecimal code field? And then I'd like the possibility to move the lists with drag and drop to my favorite position... apr 19 2011
user picture listography: Thanks for the feedback...and just so you know you can move your lists on your home page by clicking and dragging with the little handle in the right corner of your list box... may 6 2011
user picture Helen: I would also love to have more colors to choose from for the list backgrounds, with a color picker or chart. That would be great! may 7 2011
user picture Deanea: Being able to label folders would be the perfect improvment ! I'm such an organization maniac :D may 13 2011
user picture listography: this is definitely on our list... may 23 2011
user picture joolie: for each list, instead of the category name being bolded, how about the name of the list is bolded instead and the category name is in parentheses jun 5 2011
user picture Eclectic E: I'd like to suggest being able to comment on a specific item on a list. jun 28 2011
user picture listography: interesting...thank you for the feedback! jul 11 2011
user picture Eclectic E: Oh yeah, one more....It'd be pretty sweet to be able to "Favorite" a single list as opposed to an entire page. You guys rock my socks off! jul 14 2011
user picture Misfit Kitten: Add me to the list (ha ha) of people who would like more color options. Also, would it be possible to use both bullets and numbers in the same list? jul 11 2011
user picture lainy: Can you make it so your login doesn't time out so fast? Or give us an option for a time limit? I am constantly having to re-login and it gets old! I LOVE listography and I can't wait fot the android app!!! aug 1 2011
user picture listography: are you logging in from different computers...each time you log in from a different computer it will log you out for safety. when on the same computer you can check "stay logged in" right below your password. aug 13 2011
user picture sezzy: Make it so the list boxes fit like a puzzle and not begin right after the longest box above it. Otherwize if you have a long list above next to a short list then the list on the bottom would begin after a huge gap because of the long list its next to. This is hard to explain ha. :))) aug 8 2011
user picture listography: got it and we're working on this one! aug 13 2011
user picture Samantha: It would be great if, while viewing just one list there was a link to go back to the folder (instead of having to click home and reopen the folder). You guys are awesome, i love listography! aug 11 2011
user picture listography: thank you! the best way to avoid this is to use your back button on your browser. aug 13 2011
user picture V: Hello! I'm a new user, and I have to say, I absolutely love listography - perfect for any list lover (like me, hehe)! Makes everything super neat and organized. I think I saw this mentioned above, but would it be possible to turn 'favorites' into a follwer type of feature? And with that, only allow our followers to see our lists? All my lists are private at the moment. I think a 'friends only' type of feature would be nice. I like the idea of (feel more comfortable) knowing who/what people are viewing my lists. This is coming from someone who has all her accounts on the internet set as friends only or locked though, haha. Would really appreciate the consideration. Thanks for your hard work! aug 15 2011
user picture V: Oops, and I should clarify - I meant giving us the option to choose if we want to friends only our lists. :) Thanks!
user picture yvette: Totally made a list about this. A few things are already on this one, but a few things aren't. aug 22 2011
user picture listography: great, thank you! sep 4 2011
user picture M.: It would be cool to have a customizable side bar (: More colors for the backgrounds... Maybe hex codes? A following option would be nice too. aug 28 2011
user picture mb: The number one thing I am itching for and would LOVE would be to be able to create our own folders.. please and thank you! :) aug 30 2011
user picture listography: definitely hope accomplish it this year sep 4 2011
user picture G: Private messaging system :3 aug 31 2011
user picture listography: Thank you for the feedback...we hope to add more private features one day! jan 2 2013
user picture GothFvck: Eh, as handy as that is. I'd rather focus on using already existing messaging systems. Microblogs, IM, E-mail. etc. Integration beyond the e-mail and syndication tools would be great. I'll make a separate comment with ideas. may 26 2020
user picture S: I definitely vote for private accounts as well! Also more elaborate searching and being able to follow one list :) sep 8 2011
user picture listography: Thank you for the feedback...we hope to add more private features one day! jan 2 2013
user picture S: OH, and subfolders within the private folder, if that's possible. sep 8 2011
user picture Cindy: More fonts? sep 16 2011
user picture elizabeth: I am super OCD, and I loooove the website! I anticipate the android app! I really wish I could change the size of the list (how much is shown) so when I look at my page the boxes are the same size, regardless of how long my list is. I am a huge fan of neat, clean, and even! THANKS! oct 3 2011
user picture listography: working on this...thank you for the feedback! nov 6 2011
user picture elizabeth: You all are amazing. Truly. This website is the best! nov 17 2011
user picture Sarah: It would also be convenient to mass-edit lists (for instance, to make all your lists the same color with one click). I say this because I sometimes change my background, and my lists do not coordinate. It is quite tedious to change the color of each list individually. oct 11 2011
user picture listography: this is definitely high on our list...thanks for commenting nov 16 2011
user picture laremylee: Email updates e.g. if I wanna update or add to a list, I can send an e-mail to "laremylee.[secretcodeofmychoice]" with the subject "private: [list name]" or "main: [list name]" and the update in the body message. Saves me having to log on if e.g. a certain line for a play I'm writing pops into my head and I wanna note it down somewhere. The idea can be extended to text messaging too. oct 16 2011
user picture listography: thank you for the feedback...interesting idea we've also thrown around :) nov 16 2011
user picture Leebeloola: I just joined and I would love to browse by topic or see the most recent posts added just so I can discover interesting listographers to connect with. Maybe you could add some filters to the search? nov 3 2011
user picture listography: we definitely need to improve "search". it has taken a backseat to many other features. we hope to give it our attention eventually and appreciate the feedback... nov 16 2011
user picture nana: hey. since the updates i can't style my heading in the list anymore. so everything written without a * that i want to bold only shows __. is this an error or on purpose and when, why? nov 17 2011
user picture listography: this is a glitch in our update. we're working on fixing it...should be done soon!
user picture nana: the italic effect doesn't work at all, not even in the list. have i missed something? have the instructions for it changed?
user picture nana: oh my god sorry for spamming you but i figured out that it only not works if i click on more. okay. now i shut up and hope that someone solves this for me. btw, that might be a good new feature: being able to delete your own comments ;)
user picture listography: we love the feedback and we're definitely working on this one :-)
user picture Katharine: It would be good if you could set your timezone in settings so the timestamp on the lists is correct. Living in Australia my lists are often dated incorrectly. Not a huge deal, but makes the timestamp on the lists pretty useless. dec 2 2011
user picture skoobe: hello! happy 2012 to my friends at listography,com! :D i wanted to ask if its possible to restrict the number of dropdowns in the category - cos sometimes it takes too long to toggle through the list of categories in the dropdown dec 27 2011
user picture listography: Ohhh good suggestion. At the moment no. but we'll keep this in mind. My work around is to make my categories more broad and better organized. If you delete certain categories from your lists, they will get removed from your choices. jan 2 2013
user picture Moa: Would like a way to delete the preset categories to help with this too. mar 4 2018
user picture berry: also would like a way to do this. some of the categories are things i will never use. would like a way to delete them. users could always add them back. oct 17 2018
user picture Rei: These updates all sound lovely! I would especially like to see an inbox/message system and following/followers in the future to allow more collaboration with fellow list-makers. Godspeed, dear Listography staff! You're all brilliant! :D jan 18 2012
user picture J: I'd love to be able to be logged in from more than one place. Since there's no Android app, I have to log into the site on my phone's web browser, which means I'm logged out when next I try to use listography on my computer. :c feb 20 2012
user picture listography: Thank you for the comment. We really hope to commission an Android app this year! jan 2 2013
user picture Greta: Any news on the android app? dec 31 2014
user picture sasha: i wouldn't mind there to be more folders as other people have said, but to be honest, i love listography as it is and i wouldn't want there to be timelines/twitter or fb connection. i like how it feels. the lists are simple and sincere. jun 24 2012
user picture listography: Thank you for the comment. Seems like you'd be into a private account feature :) We hope to continue to keep listography simple and clean but also make some good improvements over time... jan 2 2013
user picture honeybee: I know these things take time, effort and money, but is there any chance of that mass-edit feature popping up some time soon? Thanks for everything you guys do! :) aug 23 2012
user picture listography: I love this idea. Thank you for the comment. We're working on a big image update but we definitely keep all these suggestions on our list for 'someday'. jan 2 2013
user picture Jess: Going along with privacy, a block feature would be great. I don't mind strangers seeing my list (as I don't post anything to personal), but sometimes there's just one or two people who you reeeeaaallly don't need keeping tabs on you. sep 6 2012
user picture listography: Thank you for the comment. We hope to delve into privacy blocks one day. In the meantime, please use the privacy folder :) jan 2 2013
user picture alex&ra: You took away the ability to search for lists. Where'd it go? :C Also I can't wait to be able to make folders... <3 oct 6 2012
user picture listography: Customizing folders is definitely on our list! As for search...our search system sucked so we have to rebuild it. It was crashing our site. We hope to have a better search capability one day. jan 2 2013
user picture UnicornTusio: I have a question about creating new categories - can you ever delete them? and why can't and * + / just make a check mark, instead of a bullet and then a check mark? dec 8 2012
user picture listography: When you delete a category from your lists (or modify it) that category will disappear from your choices. The pre-set categories will remain however. jan 2 2013
user picture DionysusDreams: Waiting on an android app patiently ♥ feb 25 2013
user picture cara: Oh man, we need all of these. Especially being able to make new folders. More font options would be fabulous too (: mar 12 2013
user picture hazelaries: We really need to have a general search feature put back in. I'd like to be able to search all of listography when I'm looking for something apr 20 2013
user picture listography: yes we definitely will someday. it's such a big undertaking to do it right. the old one was crashing the site unfortunately. but thank you for the feedback! nov 11 2013
user picture aysha: Is it possible to show all lists in a category on one page? For instance, I have several to-do lists. Some are archived, some are private, some are ongoing. It would be awesome to be able to go to and see all my lists in this category. may 28 2013
user picture listography: great point...we'll try to add this to our archive view options. jul 16 2013
user picture chiningning: hi please release a version for ipad mini! pretty please. :) jun 28 2013
user picture Ezra: stretch backgrounds and a button to bookmark/favourite important lists !!! oct 7 2013
user picture Cyndi Lou: you guys should really get started on the follower/following request as well as the elaborate searching capabilities.. if those two were taken care of, i would be on much much much more often (which is something i would super be happy about!!) listography is the bomb-dot-com. jan 18 2014
user picture d: it would be nice if i can input the font code for my list, i want to make my list as cute as possible :3 mar 1 2014
user picture kan: hello listography! i think a nice feature would be some sort of 'download list as text file' or 'download all lists as text files in a zip folder' featuring the listography formatting and list details (the date of when the list was created and updated). it'd be useful for those of us with too many lists may 15 2014
user picture listography: Absolutely...we hope to do this one day :-) jun 23 2014
user picture honeybee: Would you guys ever consider bringing back the featured user list? I was thinking about it earlier, and I see so many more amazing users now than there were back then and I bet they'd all love to be recognised for their creativity.
user picture listography: Hi, possibly one day. Because we have not built a "private user" feature or selective friend feature, we are avoiding featuring people. But I will definitely note it as something we might return to :-) You have a beautiful listography!
user picture honeybee: Ah, I see, I can understand that decision perfectly :) And, oh my, thank you so much!
user picture lionheart: super excited for the timeline feature! I am waiting for the day that lists can be organized by date created!! oct 3 2014
user picture monochrome: I CANT WAIT oct 7 2014
user picture Ashley: Most looking forward to the Android app and the widget! Would love to put a listography list on my website and edit it from my phone. c: oct 15 2014
user picture Charlie: Will be looking forward to the Android app. Also, maybe some sort of tagging/label system, so lists not archived will be easier to get to, instead of scrolling down the 'Ongoing' trying to find the one, in between all the others, you want to add some more to? Cause it can get a little daunting. That or something else. Just suggestion is all. nov 3 2014
user picture hazelaries: It would be cool to be able to filter out lists when you hit explore, by language. A lot that pop up are in languages i don't read so i have to hit the buttonso many times. I would really love the search feature to come back so i can plug in a keyword for all lists on listography. nov 23 2014
user picture kan: Hello again, listography! I'm not sure if this is under "being able to label your folders" but I would really love having /more/ creator-named folders. Example "writing" so I could have all my writing related lists in one place instead of searching through my main, ongoing or older archived folders to look for things. Also I think the index/"all lists" link could be in a more obvious place. And also "being able to change the color of every list" maybe an option for pre-selected colors and a hex code option would be great for this. Possibly even custom background images for individual lists? Or a way for background images/colors to be tied/connected to a certain category. (This could be done manually easily, of course, it's just a suggestion. It'd be simpler for users if there was an image option or custom HEX codes being used). dec 8 2014
user picture Charlie: Oh yeah, an option to increase the size of the font when typing up lists, without having to zoom in yourself and even then it stays a tad tiny. Not really that great for people with bad eye sights as myself, who will get head aches and strained eyes, if things are to small to see and/or read. That's especially after a long day, at least for me. Or just permanently make the font bigger for list makings. (A toolbar on the top of the input box would be amazing, but that's just a suggestion.) dec 19 2014
user picture soju: 1. minimizing/ and expanding the list 2. private archives. Once your private list gets set into the archives. It becomes a public list. So having a private list inside the archives as well. So only you can see them apr 24 2015
user picture webgurl: Well, let's see... I'll start by saying I'm a former 43things user, so most of my ideas will probably come from that perspectibe. Listography definitely needs a search function! Provide a way to favorite and/or like lists. Also, use tags in addition to catigories, then you could put a tag cloud on the home page, which would make for somewhat easier and more interesting ways of list and/or user discovery. apr 30 2015
user picture a.: being able to add more search link under tools menu. not only amazon, but other bookstores too! (or we could add our own) please >_< jul 6 2015
user picture lix: listography widget for blogs and websites please! I will patiently wait! :D jul 20 2015
user picture simone: being able to keep your full list visible without having to click the [...view...] button. there should be the option for having either. please consider this. thank you. jul 27 2015
user picture anna: i wish i could see when someone follows me or comments one of my lists. notifications in general... congrats for the awesome web site you guys have made! <3
user picture let's fly: being able to unfollow people? aug 25 2015
user picture lika: yes, please! hahah dec 3 2015
user picture honeybee: you can unfollow people! click "edit", just below the list of people you're following, and you can unfollow to your heart's content. dec 5 2015
user picture Karl: how can I delete a comment I left in other user's list? jan 12 2016
user picture Millene: please don't forget this list mar 11 2016
user picture Carol: please please make an Android app. I might switch to Google Keep but I don't want to apr 12 2016
user picture listography: Hi Cyndi, thanks for writing. Believe me, we want nothing more than an android app. Here's the deal... Listography was just going to be books. But we decided (just two of us) to make the website in our spare time. We don't want to be a big company. We're not interested in having all kinds of advertising on our website for profit. We just wanted to make a place where people could write their lists. We used our entire savings account and took three months off work to make the iPhone app. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to do this again for an Android app (money-wise and time-wise). BUT it's always on our minds... What we have in the meantime is a website where people can make their lists, and we don't use ads, and we don't mine our users' data for gain. I appreciate you using the site and understand if you want to kick it elsewhere. In the meantime, all I can say is it's on our minds and we hope to be able to make something for Android down the line. may 24 2016
user picture Cyndi Lou: come on, listography.... come through for us and our needs.. may 23 2016
user picture honeybee: who's even surprised they haven't made an android app when you're all so rude to them, though? may 24 2016
user picture Chaeyeon: Agreed, Lilou jun 22 2018
user picture : hello I just wanted to say that I love you guys and I'm glad that you guys are still here and haven't made any ugly drastic changes to the website like all the other websites out there (not to namedrop but... 8tracks, lastfm, twitter, tumblr, etc). and of course you're still ad-free and kind as always. I'm happy that the design is still the same and is still very pretty and simple and easy to use. if you guys are ever thinking about changing the design, don't!! its perfect the way it is~ of course some lovely additions aren't a bad idea ;) keep up the good work, and don't let the negative nellys get ya down. if you guys are ever down or get stuck, I'm def rooting for you! I've been using listo for many years and I'm still happy with it ~~ may 31 2016
user picture listography: Ahhhh thank you so much for the kind words. We still have goals just busy with life :-) Appreciate your feedback...and support! jun 1 2016
user picture : don't attack me. there's nothing wrong with giving someone positive and kind words. they can't do everything at once. they're trying their best. jun 6 2016
user picture Amber: I'm sad there's still no search function three years later from the last time there was. jun 21 2016
user picture Lou: I don't get why people demand so much, I mean, I'm using listography for personal purposes and it works wonder for me. It doesn't take long to load and I love its simple design without any ads. I personally do not think followers visibility is needed because it'd definitely make some people uncomfortable or "chat room" because this site isn't twitter. If I want to search for a certain topic, I can always type "" on google e.g. " 90s" and it already shows a lot, so really, I love listography as it is. The only thing that bothers me though, the lists tend to stretch differently every time I access them on different devices. I'd really appreciate it if you guys consider setting the width by default, thank you! jun 23 2016
user picture honeybee: I'll never be one to demand something from you guys, but the idea of a private account or a request to view account is becoming more and more appealing to me. Most of the interactions I have with people on and from listography are wonderful, but I'm feeling quite uncomfortable at the moment, though there's no way I can prove why, or explain it without sounding quite paranoid. aug 6 2016
user picture R: private accounts would be great :D but seriously guys, you all are amazing for making this site... i love it and hope it will never be deleted <3 aug 29 2016
user picture thad: please let us be able to rearrange the order of the lists nov 4 2016
user picture honeybee: see the little line in the top right corner of your lists? click and drag! nov 6 2016
user picture Selenita: I LOVE LISTOGRAPHY AND I HOPE IT'LL NEVER DIE, the only litte simple thing i don't understand, and i might seem crazy, is the infinite symbol following the list's creation date... A star or an asterisk representing a star instead of the infinite symbol would make more sense. BUT I LOVE EVERYTHING ELSE AND THE REQUESTS YOU LISTED! Thank you for the lovely space. nov 30 2016
user picture Selenita: I wrote it wrong, it's *infinity* symbol, the ∞ symbol. I think it'd make more sense if it was a little star instead. Thank you and I hope I'm not annoying you. Peace! dec 3 2016
user picture Luiza : Android App! I still can't believe that such a modern site doesn't have Android version!!! Shame for you! apr 1 2017
user picture Chaeyeon: Actually, shame for you for not using your eyes and reading where they said that they were hoping to make an android app eventually. They're not a company so they can't do every single damn thing you want them to."We are not iPhone snobs but Listography is not a company. We made this site in our spare time outside of our full time jobs. We don't have the resources or time to build an Android App. Maybe someday..." It's no surprise that they don't have an android app, considering you morons continuously bother them for the app in such a rude manner! jun 22 2018
user picture alyss: how about gifs that ACTUALLY moves? apr 4 2017
user picture alyss: i think i was unkind by saying it like this .. so i'll start again. I LOVE LISTOGRAPHY SO MUCH IT'S MY FAVORITE WEBSITE OF ALL. well, i have a suggestion etc
user picture listography: Haha thanks... we are super busy with our full time work we just haven't had time to work on things. But I use the site all the time :) Hopefully one day time permits but in the meantime it's kind of as is and hopefully is useful... apr 26 2017
user picture honeybee: would it be possible to be able to change the bullet styles, mixing numbers with bullet points? also, I've noticed when I try to alphabetise lists with an indented bullet point (the furthest indent you can do) it doesn't seem to work? both just little things here, though, not much to worry about! thanks guys! apr 13 2017
user picture maile: this site is great omg, on twitter i dont need to make so many threads anymore !! for a suggestion, i think itd be a nice addition if we could center our texts and stuff, along with being able to use different bullet styles as well as changing colors for text hehe, it looks awkward as its a separate color from the rest of the text ^^ great website tho !! :^) i look forward to seeing it evolve into something better jun 6 2017
user picture ^^v: would love for some lists to be automatically collapsed :) and being able to delete those crusty old categories from a long long time ago.... thankyou for the amazing website btw <3 jun 28 2017
user picture Shu: can we have the option to change the background (or colour) of the top widget? where it says our name & following aug 11 2017
user picture lapin: custome colors for our lists? by means of a color picker or entering a hex code perhaps? also maybe get transparent lists too? sep 6 2017
user picture anj: could you pleeeeease let us include numbers as the first letter of our usernames sep 30 2017
user picture Ezra: a tagging feature to easily sort through lists that fit into multiple types or an option to customise or add to the different brackets (main/private/ongoing) !!!! thank you, i love this site jan 5 2018
user picture M: hello hello not a request but I'd like to say thank you for keeping my favourite website running all these past 6 years that i've been using it. ITS A LIFE SAVER THANK YOU SO MUCH. Hopefully one day the day will come when you're able to create listography for android but until then i'll always be faithful to you guys on here <3 jan 6 2018
user picture petra: here's my two cents! (excluding what i already on the list) * ability to change accent (link) color of profile * ability to include images without making it an image list * an archive that shows private lists by category * better list colors * links with underscores shouldn't break * reverse sorting * text that can be both bold and italics * what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor * more bullet styles * ▸ * ⚬ * ➟ * i ii iii ... feb 18 2018
user picture Moa: I second the more bullet styles, and maybe even a no bullet style, or even a way to change style within the lists with brackets and an identifier depending on the list? Would also like for emojis to be supported at some point. Thank you far all your hard work! mar 4 2018
user picture Moa: Not sure if this is know, but it does not seem possible to link text that has a modifier on it. Like if it is bold. mar 11 2018
user picture m. g.: private accounts would be great :) jun 22 2018
user picture Chaeyeon: Imo (Not including what I already support in this list), I think it would be great if the site eventually supported gifs properly (The gifs being able to move and stuff lol). HTML coding, more bullet styles, the ability to have custom list colors (Like a color picker in a paint program or like the role color picker on the computer discord app), more customization when a background photo doesn't fit the page and instead multiplies (I'm sure you know what I mean lol), etc?? I'm probs gonna make a list of ideas eventually lmaoo
user picture Chaeyeon: And the ability to block people jun 27 2018
user picture M: Listography is one of my top 3 sites to always visit so thank you guys. Looking forward to the android app someday :) sep 16 2018
user picture gabe: i want to block people please make this one!!! oct 20 2018
user picture lia: being able to make the lists into 2 columns would be great dec 2 2018
user picture Puck: hi! This isn't really a suggestion for the site itself, but maybe it's a good idea to set up an account on Paypal or whatever so users can donate to Listography! mar 26 2019
user picture SICKK4T: How about the option to add a " [..view..]" without the need of attaching images & not affecting the font size at all? :0 apr 1 2019
user picture SICKK4T: plus, you could add it anywhere on the list so you could feature the main part or a list or when you think it's too long.
user picture kiorel: Can we have a way to sign in with username please? I have a lot of lost accounts bc of the lack of this. thanks apr 20 2019
user picture ἔνθεος: Private accounts would indeed be so nice to have... jun 1 2019
user picture esdee: still hoping for that android app sep 17 2019
user picture Ashel: a search bar to find lists you're interested in!! sep 28 2019
user picture Skyful: Private accounts is nice, but if public could the private tab be organized like the archive? The archive is just so much easier to sort through sep 29 2019
user picture woo: don't really know if this is still active but i would love to have more bullet styles or different font sizes, to personalize the lists even more hehe jan 3 2020
user picture Harvey: animated gif support!! jan 8 2020
user picture lexi: private accounts please! jan 21 2020
user picture thesentinel: android app would be great feb 17 2020
user picture Starvina: some form of tag system. Being able to search certain words is good, but a list I might want to tag with a certain word might not actually contain that word in the text body. It would make organization a little easier when searching for specific things :) may 15 2020
user picture Renegade: Please offer a way to back-up all lists in case this site ever disappears. may 31 2020
user picture Karina: - Perhaps a "dark mode"? - Being able to "stretch" the background image so it takes up the whole screen instead of being tiled - Being able to use HTML code in lists - More bullet styles would be cool - List color picker - You've heard this a million times but I hope one day there can be an android app - This has also been mentioned before but, making your own folders could be useful That said, this site is already an absolute blessing, and you don't really have any obligation to do updates since it's not an actual job, just a sort of hobby or personal project. I wish people would stop being rude, it's not like maintaining a website like this is super easy. Why not go use carrd or weebly or something if you're really that frustrated. jul 4 2020
user picture petra: For anyone who read "DOWNLOAD ALL LISTS" and really wants that feature..: I wrote a little userscript you can install in your browser to do just that. Link is on my main category :) jul 8 2020