• me, every second of my life: but is it meaningful? but is it meaningful? but is it meaningful?
  • main character energy as in a little rabbit from a children's storybook who eats carrots and sits under the sun and does fuck all
  • To YOU it’s a dream. I can interpret the prophecy though.
  • im so thankful for bread and what its done for us as a society. u can put so many things on it. u can toast it. u can dip it in soup. where would we be without you bread. in a bad fucking place let me tell you
  • i want to live in a lighthouse and write books for a living and dress only in mossy colored sweaters and grow mushrooms and thyme and tomatoes and lavender in a little garden surrounded by a little yellow fence
  • yes i annotate my books & say really smart things [draws hearts and frowny faces when called for]
  • maybe this to-do list will fix me
  • god said let's give this bitch so much self awareness it's going to stop her from doing literally anything
  • bitches will think ending off every single sentence with <3 is a personality trait and it is .... <3
  • i may not have any braincells, but i make up for it by having many heartcells
sep 21 2021 ∞
oct 23 2021 +