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  • trees and forests/woods...the architecture of leafless trees in winter, the blossoms and pale green leaves of springtime, the lushness and rich greens of summer trees, colorful autumn leaves
  • shallow creeks...the clear rippling water, the sun shining on it, the pebbles and rocks on the bottom
  • cats
  • amber glass
  • ruby/red glass
  • flashes of lightning in the night sky
  • a deep blue sky
  • art
  • candlelight
  • decorated Christmas trees glittering with lights
  • roses, peonies, snapdragons, daffodils
  • the play of light and shadow
  • flashing lightning bugs at night
  • beautifully wrapped presents
  • chickadees fluttering about in trees
  • spider webs covered in dewdrops/raindrops
  • delicate blown/spun glass objects
  • being under a canopy of leaves on a sunny day
  • water pouring out of a moose's antlers ♦
  • early morning light
  • happy dogs
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