• ive been a huge 80s music enthusiast since i was a kid
  • some bands that i was obsessed with when i was little were the police and rush
  • my dad and i have the EXACT same taste in music
  • my birthday is two days before my dad's
  • im the only person in my immediate family that isn't a feeler
  • i got INTP on 3 different mbti tests, but i act like the furthest thing from one!!!! i'm very emotional and i cry a lot!!! i'm clingy!!! and other not fun stuff!!!
  • i used to be a cheerleader in both elementary school and middle school 🫣
  • i was really bossy and mean as a kid.. i am not too sure what happened there
  • i am so shit at explaining things and its incredible how hard it is for me to correctly convert my thoughts into words so if i say something that doesn't make a lot of sense this is why bithc
  • everything about me is incredibly scattered and erratic (especially my taste in music, interests, and fashion)
  • i stalk myself in my free time 💀
  • midge is my only self insert (and the first s/i i've ever made in my life)
  • disregarding everything i just said in my hot takes note, i love biblical names 😶‍🌫
  • i get unreasonably anxious when i lose a follower LMSOJ!!)()W!)USUU@*(*(***!@@!()@)!*)@####
  • my ringtone is cinnamon eyes (riverside)
  • my intelligence type is the musical thingamajig
  • x
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