• Stop and Stare(but only at me) --- Author: jas1922 --- 2 chapters --- Jongin is a CEO who notices a man sitting in the same spot everyday and starts talking to him.
  • Love is Blind --- Author: kim-jignog --- One shot --- Jongin is a demigod of beauty whose inhuman good looks tend to get him more attention than he wants. Meaningful relationships have always been nothing more than a fantasy, but when he meets Kyungsoo, a fellow college student who lost his eyesight in an accident years ago, Jongin might just end up getting his chance at love after all.
  • Love Me Today! --- Author: kxdlola120 --- One shot --- Even when Kyungsoo thought that that his day was coming to an end, Jongin was there to remind him that it wasn't over just yet.
  • Kyungsoo's bench --- author: dimpledjaehyun --- One shot --- Jongin decides he wants to befriend the lonely kid who sits on that dumb bench during recess.
  • November Sky --- Author: memefucker69 --- One shot --- Kyungsoo can't see the end of the world, but he can hear it. Anticipating the oncoming apocalypse, he prepares for everything and anything possible. The one thing he doesn't anticipate is a non-skilled burglar named Jongin.
  • Thank you for being born vocally --- Author: blingblinglocket101 --- One shot --- Jongin helps take care of Kyungsoo who is in a facility after a traumatic event
  • Jongin's Stares --- Author: kfnye98 --- One shot --- Jongin is deaf and all he can do is stare at Kyungsoo
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