on twitter...

  • i may not always follow back, and i promise it's not personal! i tend not to follow unless we've had an actual conversation and i know who you are, or i see we have a lot of mutuals. also, my TL is now at a barely manageable size, and i can hardly keep up with it.
  • so please, even if we're not mutuals, feel free to @ me and chat any time.
  • i livetweet things i'm watching and reading. please tell me if you need any spoilers tagged!

i mute the following words

  • "bug" (for pictures of insects)
  • "notp"

i am very uncomfortable with the following! please do not show it to me or leave it in my DMs/inbox/tumblr messages.

  • team mom/dad stuff
  • "(unconfirmed fact/headcanon) is canon!" type stuff
  • personal questions e.g. how old i am, where i'm from, about my family etc.
  • character hate
  • ship hate
  • hate of any real person in fandom
  • hate of any fic or fanwork
  • ...honestly just hate in general
  • fandom drama
  • NSFW imagery of very young characters

on blocking/muting/unfollowing...

  • if we are mutuals on twitter and you tweet any of the above, i will probably mute you for a bit. this is for my comfort only!
  • i will mute or block any account that looks like a bot or is hateful, disrespectful, or conducts themselves in a rude and uncivilised manner.
  • i will mute any account that contains ship hate, character hate, anything like that. i just really don't want to see it.
  • my tolerance for anti-anything is almost nonexistent. please keep it out of my sight. if i see it repeatedly, i will either unfollow or soft block.

on fic...

  • i prefer to receive concrit from my betas, so please do not leave me unsolicited concrit in comments, thanks!
  • that said, if you spot a typo/grammatical error/continuity error/factual error, feel free to let me know.
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