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let there be light "Chanyeol has been chosen to chase the Sun and bring it back to the sky. Things do not really go well once he meets the Solar Emperor." – 35,1K. royalty kinda astronomic au, fluff, a little angst, smut, slight xiuchen.

a rhythm of it's own "Baekhyun is a music snob. An experimental venture into his city's underground hip hop scene leads him to Chanyeol, and he keeps coming back." – 46,3K. this was the best experience of my life.

close ain't never close enough "Borrowing a shirt shouldn’t start a pack war. Chanyeol being unlucky, though, it kind of does." – 25,3K. wolf au, fake dating, friends to lovers, abo dynamics, scent making, knotting, claiming, injuries, bloody wounds, bottom chanyeol.

on the booze with brahms "Chanyeol has never heard someone say puppy like the asshole violinist next door does." – 45,8K. neighbours to lovers, confusing feelings, baterist chanyeol, violinist baekhyun, no smut but this is perfect.

like a thousand exploding suns "On Temporary Space Station 056, where there is a fake god, a blindly faithful people and every supply is running short, the only resource left is hope." – 28,9K. science-fiction au, non-consensual drug use, panic attacks, morally ambiguous characters, violence, multiple minor-character deaths, smut.

if the police ask "Falling in love through the lens of your telescope seemed impossible, stupid even. Especially when you are thirteen. But, if as time goes by your feelings for your seven years older next door neighbor only grow stronger, would it still be considered a childish crush?" – 43,3K. very sassy baekhyun, best friends lubaek, age gap.

can't fight these bad intentions "Baekhyun is torn between wanting: a. to rip his neighbor's head off because he's so loud and b. into his pants." – age differece, underage drinkings, sexual tension, first time, loud chanyeol, fem!luhan, writer!baekhyun.

under construction "For years, Chanyeol had been longing for a place to call home, not knowing that what he'd been searching for all along was right next door." – 39,6K. domestic au, neighbours to lovers, single father baekhyun, past baekchen, best friends chanhun.

strings "Oh Sehun and Kim Jongin had two philosophies in life. First, before you can suck Park Chanyeol off, you'd have to get rid of the dust bunnies first. Second, Byun Baekhyun must use his voice for the sake of world peace." – 10,8K. college and fake dating au, i don't do love chanyeol, very soft baekhyun, rock band, hurt/comfort.

swift, t. (2012, Track 4) "If only Park Chanyeol knew that TayTay song when he first met Byun Baekhyun." – 16,3K. strangers to lovers, exo's nine members works on viva polo, chanyeol is dumb as hell.

more than a neighbor, never quite a friend "Baekhyun is Chanyeol’s neighbor, and his son’s babysitter. What none of them know is that Baekhyun is probably going to change their lives, for better or for worse." – 10,6K. sebaek break-up, toddler jongin, very soft baekhyun, overly worked chanyeol.

high above the whole scene "It was time to end The War—until then." – 12,4K. age difference, game of thrones references, sehun as baekhyun's brother, fluff, very very very cute.

you were always the one for me "Baekhyun liked kissing Chanyeol. Chanyeol liked kissing Baekhyun. They were best friends, but that was okay, right?" – 19,8K. this is pure cuteness, lots of kissing! growing up, smut, light angst.

convergence "Baekhyun is 18 and in need of cash. He applies with a nanny agency and meets Chanyeol, a 33 year old single father. Chanyeol is stuck on the past. Can Baekhyun help him to find happiness again?" – 50,7K. domestic au, single father chanyeol, age gap, mentions of alchohol, adoption.

you've ruined all my favorite songs "Chanyeol makes a bet with his roommate Baekhyun, an avid bar-hopper, that he can't last a whole month without going out. Baekhyun accepts the challenge, but soon finds that spending more time around Chanyeol only serves to resurrect some long-buried feelings, as well as a few old habits." – 9K. friends to lovers, friends with benefits, fluff, smut.

i wanna get of you (i wanna touch your soul) "Basically, they're drunk frat boys and Baekhyun dares Chanyeol to spend the night at the campus cemetery. He may or may not end up possessed." – 4,2K. bloodplay, rough sex, drugs and alcohol.

moon flower "Chanyeol wakes up in the middle of the forest with no recollection of who he is or what happened to him, all he has is an omega who promises to take care of him while he heals." – 11,4K. wolf au, abo dynamics, hurt/comfort, medium angst, blood and injury, ghosts.

come in, stay a while "Baekhyun is a workaholic forced to go on vacation. There, he meets a little boy and his dad." – 11,6K. single father chanyeol, toddler sehun, babysitter baekhyun by accident.

you're my love song "Chanyeol just wanted it to be another Friday night after a long day at the office. He doesn't know how he lands himself in a dating scandal with the nation's most loved idol, Byun Baekhyun" – 11,1K. strangers to haters to lovers, sehun as baekhyun's brother, light angst.

farfalle "Baekhyun is the waiter in skintight jeans." – 26,2K. chanyeol works for his mom on her restaurant, kinda haters to lovers, a lot of flirting.

rainbow is the warmest colour "The one where BFF Baekhyun and Chanyeol go on a graduation trip together, things get complicated, and they fall in love. Not necessarily in that order." – 6,4K. friends to lovers, fem!junmyeon, underage drinking, pinning.

please don't ask me how i've been getting off "Baekhyun has recently found himself in a dom/sub relationship with Park Chanyeol. So far things have been going well. He hasn't disobeyed him until now, and he has to face the consequences." – book 1. 5,9K. bdsm themes, spanking, gag use and orgasm denial.

no one is born to be lonely "Baekhyun's always wanted a dog. Chanyeol is close enough." – 17,5K. college and wolf au, fluff, light angst, human-werewolf interactions, knotting, rimming.

merry little christmas "Chanyeol quite can't rememberwhat went down at his office christmas party, but he really hopes he didn't make an of himself in front of the cute guy from accounting." – 8,5K. christmas au, alcohol mentions, fluff.

though it's been said (many times, many ways) "Chanyeol loses the battle with the christmas tree, but the show must go on." – 2K. vague college au, a lot of swearing, and sex.

bean bang "Where Chanyeol is playing video games and Baekhyun decides having sex on a bean bag is a good idea." – 2,6K. isn't that heavy, it's actually cute. be surpriesed lol.

if you leave me (can i come too?) "After discovering that Chanyeol still hasn’t told his mother they’re dating, Baekhyun decides to break off their relationship and moves out of their shared apartment. Plagued by heartbreak-induced sleep disturbances, Chanyeol soon finds himself waking up in places where he and Baekhyun shared memories together, with no recollection of how he got there." – 10,9K. fluff, domestic, established relationship.

the key to baekhyun's heart "When Chanyeol was told that his friends, Sehun and Jongin, left a surprise for him in the locker room, he didn't expect to find someone naked and cuffed to a chair." – 3,1K. high school au, very kinky, dubcon, sex toys, unhygienic things.

just a bit more Baekhyun just wants a bit more of Chanyeol. – 11,2K. exo universe, fluff, smut.

christmas vacation: it's too packed in here "Baekhyun never imagine agreeing to his ex-husband's proposal of going to a vacation together will lead him to ride his step-son in the car." – 2,7K. incest? age gap, stepdad baekhyun, slight mpreg, car sex.

ink my whole body "Chanyeol fucks up. Baekhyun holds out on him. Birthday sex is had." – 5,8K. tattoo artist chanbaek.

i can help you "Baekhyun is having his heat for the first time since he and his best friend Chanyeol moved in together. It's not that Chanyeol is nervous. He is terrified. Because if he doesn't control his inner alpha right now, he might jump on the little omega before he even gets the chance to talk out his feelings. But with Baekhyun being so needy, he might end up doing just that." – 5,7K. wolf au, hybrids, friends to lovers, abo dynamics, fluff, knotting.

armor "There’s a mystery in Chanyeol’s eyes, and Chanyeol is still wearing his stage smile, and Baekhyun thinks maybe he should figure out what’s actually happening, here." – 3,5K. bottom chanyeol.

go to sleep "Ok, so, make that three in the bed. Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Chanyeol's dick." – 2K. dominance, orgasm control, orgasm denial.

caught you slipping, don't leave me falling "Chanyeol thinks Byun Baekhyun deserves nothing but the best and will go to great lengths to make sure it's what he gets... even if that means switching out the singer's sandwiches every once in a while." – 6,1K. pure cuteness, the inkigayo sandwich thing, barista chanyeol.

kiss me, kill me "Baekhyun kills people for pay. Chanyeol's a data analyst with the fbi." – 8,3K. kinda mafia au, action, a lot of sex, violence.

if you ready, come and get it "Baekhyun really likes when Chanyeol comes inside of him." – 2,1K. dirty talk, cumplay, begging.

every inch of you is perfect "Chanyeol has put on weight but Baekhyun doesn’t care and intends to prove it." – slight praise kink, oral sex, bathroom sex, lame dick jokes.

shit goes down under mistletoe "Chanyeol and Baekhyun becomes the next victims of the enchanted mistletoes during Yule, and they aren’t exactly sure what to do when they're forced to confront their feelings." – 2,1K. witches, rivals, denial of feelings, yule, kinda fluff, love confessions.

you belong with me "Baekhyun is in a rocky relationship with Taeyeon, a popular girl from school. Chanyeol is his nerdy best friend who hides secrets from him." – 9,8K. rough sex, dirty talk, fluff, biker chanyeol, motorcycle sex, sappy ending. sequel!!!!!

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