list things for every week of the year, these can be peoples names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, anything that sums up your week, util the end of the year.

⇢ january;

    • 1 week: new years, crazy and funny night, he's not my president, way v!, chungha's gotta go, feeling pretty w my new hair (finally), bts voyage 3.
    • 2 week: bts festa! crying over sicheng, watching old boy (wow), yoongi w grey hair! ending up the week with sadness bc of mourning, strage feelings about death.
    • 3 week: taking care with what i eat, don't sleeping well almost the whole week, anxiety really hard, way v debut but feeling upsad bc of sicheng's situation as always, bts save me!!! feeling stressed, sleeping and spending time w geo.
    • 4 week: starting up feeling REALLY upsad, lunar eclipse, svt's comeback, vernon!!! cramps the whole week, almost going to the hospital bc i'm stupid, confused abt what i'm feeling, don't sleeping well again.

⇢ february;

    • 5 week: renewing my tatto finally, anxiety crises, feeling sad and don't sleeping well, working the things out, my body asking for help, taehyung's scenery, learning gotta go choreography.
    • 6 week: bad feelings bc of many things, getting done w some friendships, ice cream w my parents, watching lion king, taking my time to reflection abt myself.
    • 7 week: BTS AT THE GRAMMYS!!!!! a lot of emotions this day, geovana coming to my house, anxiety crisis, tpm so crying for no reason, started watching romance is a bonus book, rabbit w mel, yoongi's vlive.
    • 8 week: vernon's bday i really love him, feeling very sad bc everything i have fear is happing again, bts coming back to brazil, anxiety attacks the whole week, taking a break, grabovoi codes, beliving in the universe, tpm and cramps almost killing me.

⇢ march;

    • 9 week: stressing week, feeling sad with a lot of questions abt myself, spending a day w geovana, i love her, complicated feelings, crying, i love my dogs, frustrated.
    • 10 week: the worse week of the year util now, still feeling like shit, stomach crises, but yoongi's bday and its the most important date of the year, going out with my mom and buying clothes, bad feelings anyways.
    • 11 week: anxiety hiting me hard, but everything being ok, signs of the universe, believing, i love the universe, overthiking, reading texts for college, last week at home.
    • 12 week: a intense week, getting a ending for some feelings, back to college and seeing my friends, sarau, stressed bc of college already, cooking and trying to be healthy, seeing people its not that bad sometimes.
    • 13 week: feeling sad bc of bts show, cramps almost killing me and doing nothing at all, eating like trash bts persona, going to a party and having so much fun, overthinking about how i feel abt myself.

⇢ april;

    • 14 week: feeling tired as fuck, stresseful bc of college, being busy at all, eating healthy, ???? feelings, and feeling the most beautiful girl alive, bts concept photos, being a little desappoited.
    • 15 week: intense week, eating with my friends, doing the collage tasks, without internet, BTS PERSONAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I LOVE THEM SO FUCKING MUCH, party, hangover.
    • 16 week: i've never been so stressed in my hole life, i hate my fucking class, everyone being a pau no cu, going to my home, seeing my parents and my dogs, eating a lot of chocolate, missing here already.
    • 17 week: my first visit to a school, amazing and strange experience, tiring week, getting sick and almost dying, coming to my parents home, cramps, gay panic.

⇢ may;

    • 18 week: backing to home again, cleaning up my house, going to the sunset with my friends, feeling sad about brazil's education, worried but going driking with my friends, going to the rap battle, a party after the battle, dancing a lot, being really confused idk what to do with my feelings.
    • 19 week: studying, fuck that feelings again, eating a hamburguer after a long time, get overthiking, anxiety hiting me hard, getting stressed, spending day with my friends, feeling peace about myself, a good week at all.
    • 20 week: a intense week, reunions about the brazil education at collage, waking up 4:00 to lock up the college, seeing the sunrise, using her jacket, tests, feeling really tired but everything worth, "educação não é mercadoria" studying for another test, feeling really pretty, some nice people, going to a party and dancing.
    • 21 week: my superego killing me, confused and sad about that but ok i give up, feeling sad about some thimgs but not surprised btw, tpm killing me, bts coming to brazil so im feeling sad, coming to my parents home, everything being caos, watching tv shows at least.
    • 22 week: crazy week, going to the streets again bc brazil's education, ele não, being confused abt my feelings, studying, rafa giving me a plant, getting FUCKING stressed bc of the college, eveything being ok later, going to a party, falling in love?

⇢ june;

    • 23 week: a lot of emotions here, feira das profissões, hil giving me a sunflower <3, overthiking and having a HUG crush on her, bts aniversary! going out with new people, good sensations.
    • 24 week: doing smth about That, everything going ok at least, anxiety hitting so so hard and i know why, my romantic life going to shit but at the same time working? waking up 3:00am to locked up the bus station, going to a party, everything REALLY going to shit and feeling sad but didn't talk with anyone, meu role flopou.
    • 25 week: spending day at home, cooking again, overthiking, talking with my friends, anxiety really killing me, didn't to anyone yet, stressed, coming to my parents place, seeing geo, unexpected suprises, confused, idk, idk.
    • 26 week: coming back to cat, intense week,everything fucked up, crying for no reason, feeling upsad, daniel ceaser's new album, fell in love, overthiking about myself love.

⇢ july;

      • 27 week: still feeling sad but spending hours on the fone with her, doing things for college, i'm really in love, going to my first date, spending a time with my friends.
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