• wake up early, ~8am
  • half smile and open palms for a minute in bed
  • do a half hour of non-guided or guided meditation
  • write a gratitude post
  • do some exercises (sit ups, pushups, plank)
  • cook some brekkie and clean up afterwards
  • (school or work, then when home, unpack bags)
  • help cook dinner, eat dinner with family, help clean up
  • 1hr computer time
  • art/audiobook/read/homework/transcription work/organizing project/chores/connect
  • prepare food & clothes for next day
  • take a shower (pilates beforehand, if going to wash hair)
  • half an hour of yoga. afterwards, no more electronics
  • read a book in bed/study/journal
  • in bed and ready for sleep by 11pm
nov 23 2018 ∞
dec 3 2018 +