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interests & hobbies

  • tv, films, books, podcasts...any media i can escape into. my favorites: the haunting of hill house, hannibal, avatar the last airbender, stranger things S1, good omens, parks and recreation, the magnus archives, welcome to night vale, etc.
    • i am formerly a weeb and retired from anitwt some months ago. i really just feel like i have outgrown talking about anime as i have done so in my early middle/high school years. some of the shows i enjoy are haikyuu, kimi ni todoke, and higurashi when they cry
  • i'm a big fan of stop-motion animation (and animation in general). classic favorites are: coraline, wallace and gromit, blood tea and red string, corpse bride, fantastic mr. fox. i love 2D films directed by satoshi kon ( millennium actress ) and a lot of early cartoons (atla, adventure time, over the garden wall, spongebob squarepants, courage the cowardly dog, samurai jack)
  • i'm in love with anything otherwordly. (dark) fantasy is one of my favorite genres next to science fiction and horror. psychological thrillers and a bunch of poignant and existential stories tickle my fancy. melancholy and the feeling of alienation. witchraft, due to people i know personally, and some interesting (terrifying) experiences. surrealism. cults, the uncanny valley. cosmic, lovecraftian horror. the feeling of existential doom.
  • any jane austen adaptation. drama, period dramas, intimate romances (cheesiness levels vary). stories of friendship and togetherness. celebrating otherness. subverting vilified norms. comfortable silence. hope.
  • aside from all the media i consume, i love walking around my city. seeing people live quietly, hiking trails around the state, visiting deep forests and feeling simultaneously lost and one with it.
  • cooking/learning new recipes. art. watercolors and gouache are my primary media. lately, i have been experimenting with ink.
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