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  • richard siken, "landscape with a blur of conquerors"
    • he’s easy to desire since there’s not much to him, vague and smeary in his ochers, in his umbers, burning in the open field. forget about his insides, his plumbing and his furnaces, put a thing in his hand and be done with it. no one wants to know what’s in his head. it should be enough. to make something beautiful should be enough. it isn’t. it should be.
  • ada limon, "notes on the below"
    • what’s it like to be always night? no moon, but a few lit up circles at your many openings. endless dark, still time must enter you. like a train, like a green river? tell me what it is to be the thing rooted in shadow. to be the thing not touched by light (no that’s not it) to not even need the light? i envy; i envy that. desire is a tricky thing, the boiling of the body’s wants, more praise, more hands holding the knives away. i’ve been the one who has craved and craved until I could not see beyond my own greed. there’s a whole nation of us.
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