start date: january 1st, 2019.

ㅤㅤ january

  • 01.01 // fireworks, watching glee with maya, beach, everyone judging my taste in people, mispronouncing words all the time, everyone mocking me, andressa, laughing a lot.
  • 07.01 // waking up too early, creating nonsense imagines with maya (as usual), random conversations with my dad.
  • 11.01 // pool, mayara's voice: vampiro mau e bom, laughing at everything her dad said /dois reais, instagram, açai.
  • 13.01 // mom's house, beach all day, sweets, fugitive boys.
  • 18.01 // veterinary, quizup, swimming, thais' house, hot dog, uno, mayara's voice: desculpa mas.
  • 20.01 // barbara's birthday, shopping, theater, game station, milkshake, barbara walking out of the car barefoot and thanking me with kind of a creepy smile.
  • 21.01 // trip, nap, groceries, ice cream, spiderverse soundtrack.
  • 22.01 // beaches, sunbath, lagoon, pool, night snacks.
  • 25.01 // coming back home, happy to see my dad, i miss my dog, mayara talking about chanyeol while coldplay was playing in the background.
  • 26.01 // cambridge oral test, barbara's experiences in her new school, rainbow, theater, happy to see my dog when i got home, hoseok.
  • 27.01 // cambridge test, seeing camila and yan, camila almost falling in the most ridiculous way, tired, my dad being the best person alive, plans.
  • 31.01 // wizard, cooking, movie with maya, yamayara.

ㅤㅤ february

  • 02.02 // movies, mcdonalds, açai, masaki suda e a galinha, mayara's voice: loira.
  • 08.02 // one day at a time season 3!!!, afternoon walks with my dog, nap, rating japanese actors with maya.
  • 14.02 // back to school, expecting to be bored all morning but i ended up just happy and laughing all the time, i missed thayna and barbara a lot, felipe vagner campos.
  • 20.02 // everton's last day in our school theme song "pq se foi irmao", nap, seeing brenda, facetime with maya.
  • 23.02 // mom's house, nap, seeing my godmother!! i missed her so much, mariana's inflamed toe, restaurant, beach walks at midnight.
  • 25.02 // barbara's voice meu yuta tem tanta line nessa musica, thayna selling all her cakes (and i'm proud), ewan mcgregor in a crop top, miles morales.

ㅤㅤ march

  • 03.03 // watermelon juice, trying to get to the museum but ending up lost and soaked in the middle of a thunderstorm, my mom's slippery shoes, chicken sandwich, brazilian music.
  • 15.03 // discussing about vegeterianism with barbara, gabriel and joão, laughing a lot, barbara's voice trabalho com grandes portes, kuroshitsuji.
  • 16.03 // planning my future, learning how to cook rice, "...and juyeon", takumi kitamura dressed as naruto.
  • 21.03 // laughing all the time, walking around with max and thayna and then they came to my house, "achei que eu tava apaixonado pelo juninho", mom's house, sleepy.
  • 26.03 // nap, gartic with maya, pelé eterno.

ㅤㅤ april

  • 03.04 // call with maya, senhor tumnus, "top 10 hottest actors: matt damon"
  • 04.04 // bea and thayna came to my house, i missed beatriz a lot, dani asking us for motivacional advices so he could jump over the wall, singing hsm with beatriz, thayna listening to limitless.
  • 13.04 // childhood videos/the part when my sister took little me in her arms and started dancing weirdly with me (i love her sooo much), mom's house, mcdonalds.
  • 14.04 // coming back home, childhood videos, call with maya, pra sempre jovem, kpop songs.
  • 18.04 // spending the day with bea, thayna and barbara, bolinho de chuva, singing with barbara, pizza, call with maya.
  • 22.04 // twice's comeback!!!, call with maya, i love her so much i could burst, the boyz stuff.
  • 24.04 // movies, thayna came to my house, remembering how cringe we were with 15 y/o.
  • 29.04 // bea and thayna came to my house, cooking, thayna fera na cozinha.

ㅤㅤ may

  • 03.05 // nap, finishing on my block, rabbit with maya, watching the boyz stuff with brazilian songs playing in the background/gettting oddly emotional about each other when charlie brown junior started playing.
  • 09.05 // daniel's voice u-no, nap, tyler the creator's discography, call with maya, seeing our old accounts and cringing.
  • 18.05 // mom's house, shopping, camila's baby video.
  • 24.05 // esse aqui eh nosso canal de vlog, group pictures, call with maya.
  • 29.05 // barbara being jeaulous and pretending she's not, maria's house/holding her cat which is the cutest one i've ever seen, barbara's voice a minha vo.
  • 30.05 // maria's house/playing with her other cat, laughing a lot, annoying thayna, feeling exhausted at the end of the day, reading.

ㅤㅤ june

  • 04.06 // barbara came to my house/talking about other people's lives, nap, summer camp island.
  • 10.06 // spending the day with barbara/watching movies together/"quando eu for te levar no aeroporto pra coreia vai ser assim", eating a lot, my sister annoying me on purpose/tia de lages.
  • 14.06 // starting chernobyl, pizza, laughing a lot/parabens alicia otimo show.
  • 18.06 // mom, aunts and bea came to my house, conversations with bea and mom, call with maya.
  • 19.06 // spending the day with my friends/discovering new songs with barbara, call with maya.
  • 21.06 // visiting a lot of places in rio, call with maya/plans/"beliscando a bola", tired.
  • 24.06 // joao's voice "homem de calcinha?", hanna, dani and thayna came to my house, nap, call with maya.
  • 26.06 // nap, quick call with thayna/her sister suddenly making goat noises, starting the promised neverland.

ㅤㅤ july

  • 03.07 // spending the day with my friends/playing ludo king/going to the theater, call with maya.
  • 12.07 // barbara came to my house/watching stand-up comedies, quick nap, call with maya/old kpop songs/searching for "that thing" and feeling like professional detectives.
  • 14.07 // going out for lunch, grandpa's house/meeting a nice little girl named julia who kept painting colorful stuff on me with her glitter palette, sleeping early.
  • 24.07 // my friends came to my house/they're all so annoying i love them, carrot cake, call with maya.

ㅤㅤ august

  • 08.08 // thayna and bea came to my house/cooking/watching verdades secretas, call with maya.
  • 09.08 // daniel and thayna came to my house/hide and seek, nap.
  • 19.08 // thayna's birthday, playing just dance/ela chorou ela chorou, reuniting with my friends/i love love love them.
  • 25.08 // family lunch, laughing a lot, call with maya.
  • 30.08 // spending the afternoon with barbara/doing useless stuff as usual but i love her company, call with maya/lomotif/*in my mind starts playing* dor nas costas.

ㅤㅤ september

  • 16.09 // spending the day with barbara.
  • 18.09 // spending the day with bea and barbara, cooking with bea, barbara's voice se vc não me responder.

ㅤㅤ october

  • 05.10 // rock in rio, meeting four people that i don't remember the name but they were really nice, mayara.
  • 07.10 // not going to class, spending the day with barbara and bea, playing a lame never have i ever, funk, theater.
  • 12.10 // mirante dona marta, cristo redentor, laughing a lot, mom's house.

ㅤㅤ november

  • 17.11 // family lunch, singing/dancing and laughing a lot, just loving them hours.
  • 26.11 // bea's birthday, cooking with barbara, spending the day with them.

ㅤㅤ december

  • 19.12 // barbara came to my house, happy camp, call with maya/her lame "hala hala" joke, ateez.
  • 20.12 // bea came to my house/doing our nails, mcdonalds, lunga, call with maya, miroh - stray kids.
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