1 - Look out your window, right now. Describe something or someone you see. I can see various windows in the student apartments across the road that have different shades of LED strip lighting. Dark blue-purple in one window, brighter violet in another.

2 - A sweet memory from a beloved pet. Out of all the cats I've ever had or met, Spike was the most special one. A big orange boy, he was a "foster fail" along with his brother Teddy back in early 2008. He was a real golden retriever of a cat - he had so much love to give, and he loved anyone who walked in the house whether they were friend or stranger. He'd equally divide his time amongst a crowd during house parties and other gatherings, and he'd happily greet you when you walked in the door. He kneaded something fierce, putting his whole 20 pounds behind each press of his paws... ouch! And he wasn't even a FAT cat according to the vet! We didn't let him sleep with us at night because it was hard to move around him and he kneaded our bodies so much, but when I slept in the day I always called for him and he'd jump right in. He always slept tucked up against my chest, and if I turned over, he'd get up and follow me over so he could continue pressing against my heart. When I'd wake up, I'd be surrounded by tons of his toys that he'd bring me. Last time I saw him was late 2015, but when he passed away in 2021 it deeply affected me.

3 - Make a cup of tea. Prepare it completely. Then sit down and write a lil about what is on your mind as you drink it. Some raspberry tea, sweetened with a honey stick, in one of the new cups from Mom. I miss her a lot but I get to think of her every time I drink this brand of tea, since it's from a fantastic box I was given as a Christmas gift. I used to really hate herbal and fruity teas but I find I'm really enjoying them as I get older. And the honey sticks that came with the box remind me of the flavoured honey sticks I used to buy every year at the Thornhill fall festival.

4 - Run your fingers through your jewelry. What are you thinking? Some of my tastes for self-expression have changed over the years... but only because I've been back and forth repressing them due to societal expectations of what a woman should wear. As I approach chapter 39 of my life, I'm beginning to let go of pleasing society and doing what they tell me. It's okay if I'm almost 40 and want to wear goofy sparkly resin earrings. It's okay if I want to wear black leather bracelets marketed toward men. And something I'm really struggling with right now... it's okay to still wear "feminine" things even though I've only had one or two brief periods in my life where "feminine" was something that actually resonated with me. Wearing "male" or "female" designated things doesn't make me any less *me*. I don't need or want a label for it. I'm just me, and I have curated my jewelry collection to only include things that I LOVE and help me express who I am.

5 - Talk a little about your weather today. At 12:30pm it's 43 degrees and sunny, with a thin but opaque layer of silver-white clouds that make me think of silk laid out. It's only going to rise a couple more degrees today, and there's a bit of a breeze but nothing serious.

6 - The sky. What does it look like. Tell me so I can see it in my mind. Lavender-blue as the sun sets - it's caught the clouds and set them on fire, turning them neon pink. They're a thin layer of deeply textured little rumples, kind of resembling fish scales, with a long thin roll of slightly thicker cloud in the middle. High above, wispy cirrus doesn't catch the sun and is a darker purple, blending in with the sky.

7 - There's a song called the greatest love by Whitney Houston. But right now, what is one great love you have discovered about yourself. Just realizing that who I am doesn't necessarily need a confusing label (not that labels are inherently confusing, just for me personally). And I am free to be *me*, whatever the heck *I* decide what that is. Not what society says. Not what the shape of my body says. I have accepted and embraced what was denied me all my life, and that has brought me to a wonderful state of self-neutrality and acceptance that one day may progress to radical self-love. But you know, maybe I'm already there.

8 - What are you reading? Tell a little about it. Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper by Sark. A really colourful journey about wildly creating to the tune of your authentic self.

9 - If you look around where you are right now ... List at least three colors. What is it that is the color you see? Pink - Headphones, one of my journals, my Listography list backgrounds. Black - Monitor, drawing tablet, speakers White - Today's decaf coffee mug, parts of some of the little cat figurines on my desk!

10 - Mental Walk -- where would you be? What would you be wearing? What would you be seeing.

  • .. We went to a special cocktail event at Manhattan34 and enjoyed romantic drinks and beautiful candlelit decor.

12 - Describe one specific way you can show kindness to yourself and to others today. Right now. By not being a flaming b**** with an attitude problem :P

13 - Find your favorite pillow. Go ahead, pick it up and hug it to you. What feelings do this pillow give you? Calm... relief... solace.

14 - Describe your skin care routine.

15 - Write about your favorite color.

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