I'm Selena. I'm a girl who's been playing SMITE since April 2015, and have devoted a big chunk of my life and money to it. I guess I'm considered a whale, but I'm not bothered by it because I love cosmetics within games. If that means I get a title for it, then cool. Whales are cute.

I like Siege, but lately I haven't been playing it because the matchmaking has become more worse than even I can bear. Find me in Assault or Clash.

Favorite gods by class:

  • Assassin
    • Awilix, Daji, Hun Batz, Nemesis, NE ZHA!!!
  • Guardian
    • Athena, Cerberus, Xing Tian
  • Hunter
    • CUPID!!!, Hou Yi, Medusa
  • Mage
    • Freya, Nox, Sol
  • Warrior
    • Achilles, Bellona, Cu Chulainn, Erlang Shen's corgi, Osiris, Sun Wukong
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