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  • hang up Tata plushies on wall
  • clear desk space
  • log paystubs in folder
  • go over resume and apply to jobs


  • Colors: add card rewards to site from Dreamwidth inbox
  • Sakura: complete 50 rounds of games each per set, update currency/coupon counts/gifts, open up trade post again after new layout (?), gather images for 3rd hanami deck, slowly request missing achievement badges/master badges
    • set a done: character scramble
    • set b done:
  • Sidequest: catch up on updates


  • Dreamwidth: buy more icon slots, clear out Dreamwidth inbox (per above, i have over 100 messages in there and counting)
  • Patreon: manage subscriptions
  • Personal Domain ( finish working on website
  • superlove: post wips
  • Toyhouse: finish character profiles, add tabs to art categories, add value trackers, there's a LOT, honestly
jun 2 2024 ∞
jul 3 2024 +