• sing more, maybe get into jazz & soul
  • read more (again)
  • spend less time on social media (comparing yourself to others) and more time editing, writing, painting (inspiring yourself)
    • see an orthodontist
    • be active on social media (IG) again. share your art.
    • have more dates with yourself
    • lose your "weird" fears of things you actually love doing (photography eg) or at least learn how to deal with them
    • go and see my family. i don't want to but i know i have to, at some point.
  • write that story. fill one journal with all your ideas, playlists, characters, random thoughts.
  • work and travel/volunteer
  • learn Spanish
  • travel, as much as you can.
  • meet new people. maybe even start dating again.
  • maybeee try skillshare
  • work. believe in yourself & your creativity.
  • get in touch with some old friends & apologize to some of them for...well, for not staying in contact (WG, s?)
dec 1 2021 ∞
dec 31 2021 +