I need to do a past life therapy! That stuff is spooky. And who knows, maybe it's all bullsh*it but I'd like to believe it isn't.


    • Around 10 years ago my mum had a dream about me living in Kent, England. Now the weird thing is: my mum doesn't know anything about England, she didn't even know Kent existed - she said that she'd never heard of it before. Now...I don't know if she dreamed about the county or a Kent street. I did some research and for some reason I got chills when I read about the Old Kent Road in London which was part of a Celtic trackway.


    • What can I say? Ever since I read Outlander in 2014, Scotland keeps following me wherever I go. It just won't leave me alone. It's everywhere. I feel a deep connection to this place even though I've never been there. Whenever I hear Scottish music, I start to cry like crazy, sometimes I feel like I'm about to get a panic attack when listening to the music. Some things that stuck with me and gave me goosebumps and an indescribably dull feeling in my stomach when I read about them: the Gaelic kingdom of Dál Riata / Glen Coe / Western Argyll and Bute / pre-Christian times


    • Not a place but the music of Heilung is so special to me. Their music gives me feelings I never knew existed, something deep and spiritual, something pure, primal, original and sometimes frightening and bleak. Especially their song Othan feels like an awakening. It makes me feel...weird. Dead. Like belonging to another place, another time. Like being another person. Sometimes when I listen to Othan memories from another life seem to come to me, I remember things I never experienced.


  • Just like with Heilung, the sound of a jaw harp does weird things to my stomach. It feels like I'm remembering something but I don't know what it is.
  • The songs Dessumiis Luge by Eluveitie and In Maidjan by Heilung. Similar to Othan, both songs give me a weird uncomfortable feeling. The same feeling I got while standing in the old barracks of the Dachau concentration camp memorial - it can’t be put into words, really. But "otherworldly" might describe it. Like having a horrible deja vu.

To do some research

  • Manx / Isle of Man
  • Celtic nations
  • Rhaetian people / Vindelici
  • Berlin Wall (especially early 60s)
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