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because i need to learn to love myself. inspired by bru

  • you are open and charismatic. - c
  • woah, your skin is so soft. - j & s
  • your skin is so soft, it's almost too soft. - f
  • you are beautiful. - random dude in the s-bahn
  • you are so interesting one wants to know more about you. - s
  • your name is lovely. - neve mcintosh *_*
  • i think she broke up with him because she's in love with you. - n. (which turned out to be true. not a compliment but it was really good for my ego)
  • your boobs look so fake. - mum (lol thank)
  • nice hair! looks like autumn! - random dude at the garden center
  • lovely hair colour! - random woman on the street
  • your body is beautiful. - b.
  • you are very beautiful. - random dude in budapest
  • you are so pretty. and your eyes are so so beautiful, really. - g. being the CUTEST.
mar 22 2018 ∞
aug 5 2019 +
user picture Kate: Du bist witzig und hast herrlich schrägen Humor! Du bist begeisterungsfähig, kreativ und fantasievoll. Und deine Augen sind wirklich wunderschön <3 apr 8 2018
user picture a ~: Awww <333 love u <3 apr 11 2018