i don't keep up with kpop as much as i used to and i'm not active in any fandom but these people have a special place in my heart so i may talk about them from time to time. the group names in bold are the ones i mostly talk about. i do not support problematic behavior and i do not put idols over my principles or other people's feelings.

★ ultimates:

  • minho and changbin from stray kids.
  • ten from wayv, superm, nct.

☆ semi ultimates:

  • seungmin and jisung from stray kids.
  • chaeyoung from twice.
  • kun from wayv, nct.

✮ favorite soloist

  • sunmi.

✧ special boys

all members from stray kids, hwanwoong, youngjo from oneus, all members from onewe, taeyeob, junhyung from onlyoneof, jeonghun from hoppipolla/soloist, yechan, gwangil from lucy, minghao, soonyoung from seventeen, yeonjun from txt, jaehyun from n.flying, sicheng from wayv, jeno, renjun from nct dream, yeosang from ateez, sehyoon from a.c.e., minki, dongho from nu'est, kibum, taemin from shinee/soloists, bambam from got7, minseok from exo, hyojong (dawn), changmin, sunwoo from the boyz.

✧ special girls

tiffany from girls' generation/soloist, jieun(iu), yeeun (ha:tfelt), jihyo from twice, yerim from red velvet, jiwon from everglow, ryujin, chaeryeong from itzy, heejin from loona, doyeon, sookyung from weki-meki, gahyeon, bora from dreamcatcher, hyuna.

✦ jpop

hayato, kenshin, naoya from one n' only, ren, keigo, takumi, junki from jo1.

some other bands and artists i like: one ok rock, my first story, day6, the rose, iz, bring me the horizon, the maine, our last night, la dispute, all time low, you me at six, hozier, leon, abba, banks, radical face, architects, miyavi, paramore, bon iver, sigur rós, dean, the gazette, bullet for my valentine, etc...

jul 19 2020 ∞
jan 17 2021 +