these are basically my own prompts that i think about a lot and that somehow have not turned into an actual fic yet. it's really got something to do with how i'm never confident in my own prompt ideas. i'll get there eventually. maybe.

  • sleight-of-hand
    • mark's mom had to confiscate his laptop at some point, so whenever he couldn't code, he'd use his hands for other things. cue cardistry and magic tricks. that he never bothered showing anyone other than his sisters and one day eduardo discovers mark's fucking party skill! and discovers mark is actually really really good with his hands.
      • NYSM crossover?
      • mark pickpocketing wardo's stuff all the time
      • wardo telling him THAT IT'S REALLY NOT ROMANTIC
  • post-hogwarts HP!au
    • mark invents something way better than a protean charm system
      • basically a HP!equivalent of facebook. i need to figure it out.
      • wardo invested his galleons in it. hahaahah do you see where i'm going?
  • pushing daisies!au
    • superpowers + amnesia
  • fix-it or wreck-it
    • sleeping at last - "already gone"
      • And I want you to know, you couldn't have loved me better. But I want you to move on, so I'm already gone.
    • not related to wreck it ralph lol i just. I love the lyrics but am not sure if I want to write a fix-it fic for it, or something that wrecks their r/s even more.
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