i'm planning to go through the prompts on the kinkmeme and compile those i might consider writing. i'm aiming to:

  • select those that haven't been filled.
  • choose at least one prompt to write for every three prompts i compile.
  • write at least 1k for each.
  • ...write at least one fic a month??
  • never get out of my mark/ed phase

Round 1: Part 9 prompts up to mid-p.20 ✔

  • fear
    • Mark's greatest fear, which was so huge and so black that it was of phobic proportions, was that people would laugh at his feelings.
  • eduardo wins a slave!mark
    • AU (it could be a dystopian AU, or not, your choice!) Eduardo is into gambling; he's smart and he's good at it, and he has won and lost fortunes in a night. One evening he winds up playing with entirely the wrong crowd, the kind of people that make him feel he’ll be lucky to get out of there with his life – let alone anything else. Except he ends up winning, but what's even more unexpected is the announced prize: an abused slave with curly hair and mesmerizing blue eyes. Or, the one where Eduardo wins Mark in a card game; H/C and angst and issues of conscience ensue.
    • rp plans with allie
  • can't touch each other
    • due to a convenient Plot Device, mark and eduardo are unable to touch each other. it's only when they can't that they realise they actually want to. / prefer post-movie pre/mid-reconciliation but will also accept harvard!times with ~glossing over the betrayal because est. relationship ending would be amazing
      • i honestly thought of pushing daisies!au, just saying.

Round 2 Part 9. p20-25. ✔

  • curse
    • Mark is a huge douchebag to a date and she or he curses him as revenge. The curse? He won't be able to get it up unless he's having sex with his one true love. IDK I'M SO SORRY FOR THIS PROMPT.
  • apologies
    • Mark apologises to Eduardo a lot. Using sexual favours.
  • hacker!eduardo
    • So sort of related to current events - can we get hacker!Eduardo? Post-dilution/depositions Eduardo just says 'screw you' to the business world, his parents and gets involved with hacking or something similar. Heh, it'd be rather awesome to have Eduardo backing MU and getting arrested and Mark being, "...wtf?".
  • Mark/Eduardo-Pushed in the pool!
    • So, in this scenario the night Mark forgets Wardo at the airport it's not raining. Instead of having their whole fight in the hall they go outside by the pool. Eduardo gets frustrated and pushes Mark in the pool, only to find out that Mark can't swim all that well...(click to read more)
      • first draft redacted 2019/03/21 @ 6.8k words.

Round 3 Part 9.

mar 14 2019 ∞
apr 21 2019 +