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—— media consumption

  • 🎮⠀fallout 4 ♡
  • 🎮⠀strange brigade ⭑ w/ eric
  • 🎮⠀dead by daylight ⭑ w/ fox, san, and jay
  • 🎮⠀left 4 dead 2 ⭑ w/ eric
  • 📺⠀hannibal ⭑ season 1&2
  • 🎬⠀the killer ⭑ dir. david fincher
  • 🎬⠀scarface ⭑ dir. brian de palma
  • 🎬⠀zodiac ⭑ dir. david fincher
  • 🎬⠀raw ⭑ dir. julia ducournau
  • 🎬⠀the adventures of tintin ⭑ dir. steven spielberg
  • 🎬⠀phantom thread ⭑ dir. paul thomas anderson
  • 🎬⠀the adventures of tintin ⭑ w/ eric ♡ ↺

—— general

  • midterms pt. 2
    • criminal law: 92% adj. → 100%
    • stats: 102%
    • psych: 88% (oh no it's getting lower)
    • sociology: 96%
  • given a plate of free food by a kind stranger who came up to me while i was studying because they had an event and extra left over
  • ordered some stickers to put on my laptop (how else is everyone gonna know about my cool and idiosyncratic yet relatable interests?, said every college student ever)
  • many pretty walks at night after class, seeing a lot of deer grazing around too (holy shit am i will graham real)
  • deadlifting a group project + girl started crying during my psychology exam :( i hope she's ok i've witnessed that a kind of concerning amount of times
  • "i'm coming over you better not be watching Uncle Iroh's Wisest and Most Iconic Moments 🍵 | Avatar: The Last Airbender when i get there" my goofy ass:
  • stranger things back in dead by daylight WOOOOOOOOO 🎉🎉 now don't be shy, add eddie and robin as survivors
  • my dad getting a job offer for a huge tech company and he's really excited about it (but also feeling the imposter syndrome that he won't be on the level of people working there) i believe in him tho and i think it'll be a lot more engaging than his current job
  • talking sociology with e, being friends with nerds is really efficient sometimes because i can revise for exams and get social interaction in at the same time
  • mr. lab partner dming me a lot and sending each other memes (he was for some reason very impressed by the shitty diagrams i drew for our psych exam, i'm talking like 3 different coloured circles but i'm trying to gaslight you into thinking it's the brain stem), honestly i'm so weirded out by new people wanting to talk to me like recreationally?? like you think i'm a fun and interesting person? fucked up? but i made a new friend :] so i need to get over it and enjoy it
  • cool psych girl in my stats class asking me to explain stuff to her cause she was in the hospital for a while, i'm gonna offer to answer some questions for her a bit before class and during the break so she can get caught up
  • dad helping me fix some stuff with my guitar :] now i have to practice otherwise i'll feel bad cause he put in all that effort for nothing
  • horror art showcase at my college, i have ~5 days to build my portfolio, crunch time. the catholic school student to artist combining religious imagery, violence and repressed bisexuality pipeline needs to be studied
    • freezer bride
    • dog eat dog
    • you dropped your forgiveness
    • dog guarding owner's corpse, inspired by anguish and the dead miner
  • chucky in dead by daylight and testing the beta with my friends
  • i love group projects (shaking from head to toe with barely contained agitation)
  • bought food from the caf, ev was surprised i hadn't before, i quickly realized that i wasn't missing out on anything
  • my law prof curved our grades because only half of the class passed???? UNLUCKY??????
    • my psychology marks are always lower than i expect, the last psych course i took was an absolute breeze but this one is more challenging apparently or i'm just overconfident
  • all day headache i finally realized was because of caffeine withdrawal, i didn't know i had developed that much of a dependence, i only drink like one cup a day but according to the internet it only takes 1 per day for 3 days to get withdrawals
  • talking to ppl at the thrift shop i volunteer at in the breakroom about movies :-) they're very chill guys i'll be sad when my hours are done and i have to move on. most of the customers are seniors, every time i have a shift if i can chat with one person who's feeling lonely or help them carry something to their car it's a good day
  • mock trial for law (wore a tie but also a leather jacket so i look more normal walking around on campus LMAOO)
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