• purchase a new laptop
  • graduate university
  • figure out wtf to do next!!!
  • read, read, read
  • try something new every month
    • January: True40 workout class
    • February: book signing
    • March: spring break trip (with bf)
    • April: beach trip (with bf)
    • May: kayaking, tent camping
    • June: working a summer camp, attending church (as exposure therapy)
    • July: Braves game, jet skiing
    • August: working at a daycare, working at an elementary school
    • September: regular babysitting, going out for drinks (with bf)
    • October: fishing, yoga
    • November: "reaching out" for future job opportunities, holiday dinner with bf's family
    • December: pub crawl
  • go on (at least) three adventures
    • 1: hiking in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN
    • 2: camping in Rocky Bayou State Park, FL
    • 3: camping in Henderson Beach State Park, FL
    • 4: sketchy condo beach trip in Panama City Beach, FL
    • 5: weekend escape to Panama City Beach, FL
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