When something of note happens, I will record it here.

» October

  • 6: attempted to fish. very hot, caught nothing.
  • 7: first day of "living" with N
  • 10: first ever yoga class
  • 11: last day of "living" with N
  • 12: beach trip! we arrived in time for a pirate parade! N caught lots of Mardi Gras beads for me.
  • 13: return home. Siri did not know where the fuck she was going. I wish we could have stayed longer, but the change of scenery was lovely nevertheless.
  • 16: second yoga class with Lady B. very relaxing indeed.
  • 17: parents left for UK and didn't take me #rude
  • 18: day off! IUD out, book shopping, dancing round coffee table to Christmas carols because it's finally COOL outside. also rodeo.
  • 26: these last few days of October are passing in such a haze
  • 28: JV spoke to me for the first time!
  • 29: new bookstore in town! I went for free cheese, apples, and olives.
  • 30: GG said my name for the first time! and illustrated eds of Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, and Goblet of Fire arrived in the post
  • 31: N and I toured the festivities downtown then went to the pub. It's so cold!

» November

  • 1: bought a book at new bookstore
  • 10: hike with N
  • 22: finally done with this long ass week of stubborn ass children, fishbowl marg with N to celebrate
  • 28: Thanksgiving with N's family not as bad as expected despite atrocious anxiety
  • 30: Auburn beat Alabama hahahahahahaha

» December

  • 1: only 14 days of work this month! but N and I are sick rn
  • 3: had to leave work early today because sick
  • 5: ready to be not sick
  • 7: HP pub crawl. Tried butterbeer, Polyjuice Potion, and cocktails named for the Malfoys and the Patronus charm. Would go again.
  • 9: back to grading reading
  • 13: last work Friday of the year!! got to wear pajamas
  • 14: helped sister move to new apartment
  • 16: last work Monday of the year!!!
  • 17: Force Awakens rewatch with mom
  • 18: winter musical program was a success. cuddles with MP and JD. then found out JD had a fever. YAY.
  • 19: last day of work in 2019!!!!!!! MP told me my hair is pretty and asked if I'm a princess. Last Jedi rewatch with mom, ignoring the fact she fell asleep on me.
  • 20: saw Rise of Skywalker and felt all the feels
  • 24: beginning of true illness. Received blankets, Star Wars t-shirt, and bookstore gift card from N. Very pleased. Also that Christmas party at his mom's friend's house. Looked like home from Southern Living.
  • 25: Christmas with N at my grandparents' and his grandfather's. I was very sick, barely made it.
  • 26: went to doctor at last, finished book
  • 28: finally feeling like I'm on the mend
  • 30: felt like shit this morning, returned to doctor. apparently I've had the flu all this time
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