work schedule:

  • 3-6, mon-thurs with a 3 day weekend, friday-sunday off
  • 3-6, mon-thurs, 9-4 friday, 12-4 sunday

trip plans

two weeks

  • july 5th, friday:
    • depart from VT at 5:55AM to Detroit ->
    • arrive at Detroit at 7:50AM, leave to Minneapolis at 9:55AM ->
    • arrive at Minneapolis at 10:44AM, leave to Saskatoon at 1:05PM ->
    • arrive at saskatoon at 2:38PM
    • get tattoos, get a grilled cheese at ricky's, go shopping (for me), do whatever bryce wants
  • july 6th, saturday:
    • do more stuff in saskatoon
    • try bryce's board, learn to skate, buy my own
    • leave for saskatoon at 4PM latest
  • july 7th, sunday:
    • drive to his grandparents, chill, leave at evening whenever
  • july 8th-12th:
    • hang out, go to bryce's work, game, drink, rinse, repeat
  • july 9th:
    • YVONNE'S (MS GAUTHIER'S) BDAY! (get her a gift, ask bryce for advice)
  • july 13th, saturday:
    • see kody, go to an A&W with him and kody, go bowling, see a movie: ?
  • july 14th-18th:
    • hang out, go to bryce's work, game
  • july 19th:
    • leave for saskatoon 5PM latest on the 18st, check into hotel, do whatever
  • july 20th:
    • depart to VT at 6AM to Toronto
    • arrive at Toronto at 11:06AM, leave to NY at 2:14PM
    • arrive at NY at 4:01PM, leave to VT at 10:30PM
    • arrive at VT at 12:10AM
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