"Find the joy of living and loving. Best gift you can give to me." Karen


  • Savannah, GA weekend getaway (1st spontaneous trip with Kels; got sick and stayed in bed the last day)
  • London, UK weekend getaway with my favorite spaniard
  • Afternoon tea in London (apparently ‘high tea’ is for losers, literally; posh posh posh)
  • Broadway show in West End in London (Mousetrap, what an amazing experience!!! Such good acting)
  • Visit Harry Potter platform 9 and 3/4
  • Natural history museum - London (blue whale!!!!!!)
  • National gallery - London (Van Gogh, Sunflowers <3)
  • Sunday roast - London
  • X Bar in a cave in London (www.byoc.co.uk); closed on sunday :(
  • X Ice Skate at Somerset House (too warm now)
  • X Landmark Hotel Winter Garden
  • Mr Fogg’s in Mayfair, London (inspired by Jules Verne Around the world in 80 days, amazing amazing bar)
  • X Churchill’s war room (next time, book in advance!)
  • X Box Park - rest or any rest in East London
  • X Bricklane area in London
  • Amazing weekend with Aline in NYC
  • Japan week with Naomi
  • Robot Restaurant show in the Shinjuku prefecture of Tokyo
  • Owl cafe in Tokyo
  • Chef Seiji Yamamoto restaurant
  • Noumizo Waterfall/Kameiwa Cave in Chiba (Japan)
  • Boating through the scenic Lake Biwa Canal (permitted for the first time in 67 years)
  • September sister trip in Paris (walking tour, get info from Ainhoa)
  • Croatia week with Dad
  • Day of the dead trip to Mexico with Mom for her bday
  • Stay flexible with summer plans to figure out Karen's condition and how to see her
  • Niagara Falls (May 23-27?) Can I make this happen on top of everything else?!

Health (Physical, Mental, Spiritual)

  • Raw reset in January for at least two weeks
  • Workout routine that works for me
  • Weekly lunches prep
  • Be ok with phasing ppl out of my life that don't meaningfully contribute to it or are constantly negative
  • Camping at least twice this year (plan in advance!!)
  • Learn how to make croissants
  • Canning (like my grandma)
  • Make cheese
  • Pickle Olives (from Jordan)
  • Drawing classes
  • Calligraphy


  • Write an article for work/business related
  • Fine tune communication style
  • Public speaking class
  • Read at least 20 books
  • Read at least 1 book in Spanish and learn how to translate to and from Spanish
  • Be more patient with myself, practice self-love
  • Put Maggie first, always, before helping anyone else
  • Practice spending time 7 ways: 1) sleep time, 2) physical time, 3) focused time, 4) time in, 5) time out, 6) play time, 7) connected time
  • Fall deeply in love with myself and then maybe someone else
  • Date as much as humanly possible and fine tune who I am in relation to another and what I need and can't compromise with
  • Go on a blind date
  • Learn to enjoy hearing compliments
  • Be proud of how you handle what life gives you
  • Stop explaining myself when my intentions are misinterpreted
  • Focus only on those who matter to me the most
  • Overcome my fear of the phone and date someone I would have never considered; and confirm why I would never do it again (Chris)
  • Phase out people who make no effort for friendship and take mine for granted
  • Be to Uzias what Karen was to me

Business, Career

  • Business case for Liberty of London (study the experience and think through designing an online experience)
  • Find a Partner for Alma - don't want to do this alone anymore (Maybe Riff?)
  • Fire up Alma; Fine tune offering for Alma, product; Redo business plan for Alma
  • 1 contest for students at SCAD
  • Have a list of artists I've connected
  • Business mentor
  • Design my own bag
  • Redo resume/cv
  • Redo linkedin
  • Re-brand myself
  • Work Mentor (Brad)
  • Change Job (finance -> transformation)
  • Change Job (transformation -> operations?)
  • COO/CTO exec sponsor (Chris Kennedy - that was a bust...Ted Hill?)
  • Work for Chris Kennedy - not happening anymore
  • Advisory Board Member of BUILD Boston!
  • Advisory Board Member/Partner in Trestle Group Foundation


  • Mousetrap - London
  • When Angels Fall - Arts Emerson


  • Anna Karenina - theater production in Arts Emerson
  • Florence and the Machines (May 30)
  • Imogen Heap concert (May 24)
  • National gallery - London (Van Gogh, Sunflowers <3)
  • Berklee Global Jazz Summit
  • Neue Galerie, NYC (Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, Klimt)
  • The Frick Collection, NYC


  • Remodel my bedroom
  • Clean up front wall
  • Tree maintenance


  • Korean Spa in NYC
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apr 3 2019 +