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"What is so wrong in a day that you can't put it aside besides life and death? If your personal life is not in order, nothing will be. Put it aside so it won't ruin your day. Find the joy of living and loving. Best gift you can give to me." From Karen, 2019

  • Find joy every day of my life
  • Practice spending time 7 ways to maximize my own internal happiness
  • Check in on goals end of year and mid year to internalize wins and how I've managed to overcome challenges
  • Learn to let go and compartmentalize daily annoyances to truly enjoy every day of my life
  • Experience Love with a man who engages my brain, my body and my soul. If I can't speak up and he can't either accept what I'm saying or hand it back to me and I have to be overly sensitive and manipulative of this other person, then it's the wrong relationship.
  • Experience financial freedom and abundance not dependent on a job
  • Around the World Trip for at least 1 Yr
  • Karen lives to come and see my house and lives beyond the years given to her
  • Forget all of these lists
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