• Re-learn Spanish
  • Learn Chinese (~4 yr commitment!)


Level 1 (elementary proficiency) - 600 hrs Level 2&3 (Minimum Professional Proficiency) - 1,100 Level 4 (Full Professional Proficiency) - 2,200

  • Re-learn Russian
  • Wine; everything about wine
  • Sailing
  • Fly Airplane

Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart

  • Get Sak Yant Tattoo (Maggie ritual for healing my family)
  • Never forget to tend to the broken girl inside
  • Feel freedom - no office, no financial constraints
  • Play the piano well
  • 1 book per month at least
  • Live and experience fully every day (don't feel like you live for the weekends)
  • Evening routine tea (lemon, ginger, turmeric and ashwagandha)
  • Solve the Rubik's cube
  • Befriend fear
  • Have a surprise romantic dinner (kind of needs to be on someone else's list)
  • 2 day weekend silent meditation
  • Be mindful of how I spend my energy
  • Limit judgement, embrace compassion
  • Talk to strangers as much as possible
  • If I fall in love, do not become JHenderson who is so bored with his life and has nothing to do when his wife is gone that he goes to bed at 9pm or works out twice a day. DO NOT lose yourself.
  • Love my body the way it is
  • Stop hurting myself in every possible way and turn that ship to loving myself, repairing self-worth years of abuse
  • Repair before buy
  • Officiate my sister's wedding (and make them go through Maggie "counseling"; convince sis to let parents attend)
  • Get married and walk down the isle happy (not crying and not of happiness; ritual more than an actual signature, same as sis
  • Have 1 birthday when I feel truly happy and not 1 min depressed, embracing my birthday and being spoiled (2018)
  • Forgive myself for all my weaknesses
  • Forgive my father
  • Forgive my mother
  • Volunteer at a Syrian camp in Greece
  • Do something for someone around my bday
  • Retire in Spain

Career, Prof Development, Business

  • Go to UW (applied for 1 uni only)
  • Go to a top MBA program
  • Financial Management Certification
  • Product Management Certification
  • Do a TED talk
  • Write articles on Linkedin
  • Successful business that will not only bring abundance, but make the world a better place (work on Alma even when you don't feel like it, small steps count)
  • Master the art of presentations and communication
  • Create a source of passive income
  • Be on the cover of Entrepreneur
  • Professional fulfillment and a sense of purpose that brings me energy rather than sucks it out of me

Material Things

  • Own a house in Southern Spain (save 250k euros)
  • Buy a multifamily
  • Design my dream bathroom (with a vintage cast iron bath, big windows and lots of light)
  • Build a tree library
  • Build a tree house
  • Tiny house in Vermont/Maine
  • De-lead my house
  • Build a house of my own design
  • Write a book and get published
  • Own Christian Louboutin shoes
  • Black 2-door top down beemer
  • Philips Lumea Prestige
  • Dyson hair curling iron
  • Kusama LV Bag

https://shop.rebag.com/products/handbags-louis-vuitton-lockit-handbag-monogram-vernis-kusama-infinity-dots-mm5544990023?variant=20560015294534&sfdr_ptcid=26254_4_421691780&sfdr_hash=479320233189632f0ee84d34d7cd7c64&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIg6KQutTx5AIVBG6GCh2geAvKEAQYBiABEgL1c_D_BwE https://www.fashionphile.com/louis-vuitton-vernis-kusama-dots-infinity-lockit-mm-yellow-385511?referrer=google&referral_campaign=shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIg6KQutTx5AIVBG6GCh2geAvKEAQYCCABEgK1rvD_BwE


  • Bike Seattle to Portland
  • Do half a marathon (hate running and I did two)
  • Full marathon (still hate running)
  • Jump from an airplane
  • Own a motorcycle
  • Color run
  • Scuba diving certification
  • Snowboard (afraid of snow?)
  • Vic Falls jump (afraid of heights)


  • Indian wedding
  • Sing karaoke
  • Have a massage in every country I visit (India leads the worst so far)
  • Attend murder mystery dinner
  • Dance salsa in the rain in the middle of Manhattan
  • Ask a guy to dance salsa on the streets of Havana
  • Solo trip with little planning (best decision ever, 9 euro ticket)
  • Make a snowman (and remember it)
  • Whale watching
  • Burning Man
  • Be an extra in a movie
  • Swim naked in the sea in the middle of the night
  • Get VIP access to a show
  • Steal Christmas tree ornaments from all my friends and maybe tell them or convince them to play along (Steve last Christmas)
  • The co-created kind of love, inter-dependent, not co-dependent
  • Go on Caribbean vacation with someone and come back without a tan (from Steve)
  • Sleep in a cave (Wadi Rum in Jordan, 2018)
  • Slow Cabins, Belgium



  • Make my candles from old jars for the house
  • Do my own cosmetics
  • Redo bathroom 50% (sadly not the tiles)
  • Have a beehive at my house
  • Compost in the house
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