• tokyo: aesthetic af, pen sketches, bright colors, bold fashion, small yet powerful smiles, striving for greatness, cute glasses

types of people

    • green: smoothies, splattered jeans, paintbrush in hand, art museums, road trips, pressed flowers.

the hour they wake up

    • 12 am: knowing you have to do things but not doing them anyway, taking off a golden ring in your finger, talking to people you’ve never met, a pile of work to do, a gold rose mobile case, dried petals, watching films until late in the night, a cloud traveling fast, making bets with your friends, pictures hanged from your headboard.

types of artists

    • painter: sometimes likes how the palette looks more than the painting, i’m fine ™, pushing a paintbrush back and forth on a canvas bc they find it calming, getting high to feel something, cotton candy flavored ice cream, visual learner, associates certain people with certain colors


    • pluto: the smol friend, always busy, love their friends (will fight for them), boy/girl crazy, vottles up their feelings, can never make up their mind, huge smile.


    • belt of venus: loves the window seat of the plane, sunset is their favourite time of the day, tries their best, loves making people happy, can’t decide their favorite color, reads other people easily, bright eyes, really likes dancing and singing, is always doing crazy things because life is short

loona songs

    • eclipse: seems serious but isn't at all, into astrology, has a minimalist aesthetic, guarded with their emotions, a bit bossy.


    • water: bright smiles, has faith in humanity, curiosity, staying up late, poetry, nostalgia, the smell of vanilla, mythology, vintage shirts, pretty handwriting.


    • are you city lights or star lights? dandelion fluffs or wishing wells? ocean breezes or warm fires? art galleries or big libraries? polaroid pictures or record players? antique shops or small cafes? hot chocolate or iced tea?
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