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The keys to the world:

  • A good hammock
  • Dive watch-
  • Dri-fit shirts without my name on it-
  • Running shorts-
  • Heavy-duty back pack-
  • Hiking shoes
    • Replaced-
  • Rash guard-
  • New bikini/swim suit
    • One piece-
    • Hella expensive two piece that better last me years-
  • Running shoes-
    • Casual wear-
    • Actual running wear-
  • Skin diving equipment
    • Replaced mask because I accidentally stepped on the old one
    • Replacement snorkel because the current one always gets flooded
  • Sunglasses-
  • Tennis shoes-
  • Goggles-
  • Gym membership near the office-
  • Cleats on sale-
  • North Face jacket-
  • Gym bag-
  • New gloves-
  • Headgear-
  • Kingz gi-
  • A better mouth guard-
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may 25 2019 +
user picture Q: I forgot to add: some money, but more importantly the willingness to go. jun 23 2015
user picture Q: And time. Time, gddmt dec 28 2015
user picture Q: Gi? Perhaps a new back pack for travel in 2018 dec 18 2017
user picture Q: I need to log the years in which I acquire gear so I know the right time to replace them (acquiring gear always feels personal, recent, more so than any other belongings) jan 1 2018
user picture Q: The possibility of leaving for a couple of years really puts the act of acquiring stuff in perspective. What can I realistically pack inside a suitcase? (There's not enough space for all the joy of things in a suitcase) jan 28 2019
user picture Q: HINDI KA NA OUTDOORSY dec 25 2019