ultimates list

이진기. 1989. SHINEE.

i can see the universe in your eyes, galaxies i cannot ever hope to reach, cosmos untamed and ravaged by vagrant suns. in your eyes i see questions without answers, and i see answers without questions. i see that the impossible is actually possible. you are the center of gravity, i cannot stray too far from you without losing bits and pieces of myself. near you the mass in my heart increases. and i don't want to leave your atmosphere, i find that when i am captured with your gaze, when i can see you and you can see me, i would be in a place i can call home.

김종대. 1992. EXO.

i will open the secret door that only i know and invite you. for you, who has opened my closed heart, whisper the secret confessions that only we know. our stories that no one else will know. when the door opens, love will start in this place. be with me by my side forever in this place, my love.

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