thing is, i hate traveling. it's stressful, it's a hassle. i am always so happy to be back home, wherever that may be. i have always said that i prefer moving and living in places rather than traveling. however, i do know that getting out and traveling is good for me. i don't necessarily feel the benefits of it while i'm doing it, but definitely am glad i've done it once i get back. i've been trying to gather ideas for how to get more excited about it. unfortunately, i'm not a photo-enthusiast (carrying around a camera is a pain and i don't have a camera phone; plus, photo class in high school may have scarred me for life), so i must think of other kinds of things to make into a "thing."

  • drinking vessels
  • art
  • jewelry (i have always tended to do this anyway)
  • bookmarks
  • music (i always try to get something native to where i've been)
  • an outfit (i do this in japan, anyway, and obviously i did that in paris)
  • tea
  • perhaps something involving the local folklore/mythology
  • candles/incense/candleholders/incense burners
  • boxes (as needed, for jewelry)
  • local good luck charms/symbols
  • teapots (not many)
  • tiki mugs
feb 1 2012 ∞
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