• after months of schooling, wacky dreams, having something wrong with your hands, rejection, traveling across the country, and more, you start a new month with new academic, personal, spiritual, and other challenges. it is a new season of life at the start of summer.


    • 06/01/2023 ➣ you stay up while your friend makes their project for their class. bungo stray dogs drops their second trailer for season 5 and it gets you hype. you carry another garbage bag filled with pillows around. you realize that you're clueless about your life, believing that there are only a few days where you've done something you're satisfied with. however, there's an argument even those satisfying days aren't days where you have done something right. you check on your friends grades and tell them to just watch out for next year. you present and rant a lil bit about bungo stray dogs in the process. you finalize engineering club positions. you say goodbye to your senior friend, as its her last day at school, however, you were convinced and invited to go to her graduation party. chapter 107.5 of bungo stray dogs was not only a short but very disappointing. you began ninjago dragon rising. you go to an orientation and prepare to work for the summer. you've probably watched the 2nd bungo stray dogs season 5 trailer like 80 times in one day.
    • 06/02/2023 ➣ you help the principal unload the snack cart right when you step on campus. you finish your project for your teacher and that's it for ap european history. apparently to some people, you don't look gay with your fanny pack, and that's coming from a gay person too with a gaydar. you walk out class to see a couple fixing their belts and clothes, nah nah nah, you walk back to get a friend to accompany you in this fearful moment. you go to the weight room one last time to see your friend and teacher compete with the leg press. you played a big game of uno with several friends. you have an interview and do quite well and even got the job, he might hook you up with big companies so things are looking quite well.
    • 06/03/2023 ➣ you read a lot of chainsaw man manga and got up to volume 9, what a great read. you watch your school's graduation live and wait for your people to graduate, congrats class of 2023. you go out to a graduation party to celebrate for the seniors. you have a bunch of laughs, eat well, take pictures, and so much more. you hug your seniors goodbye and leave. you, and your friends will miss them dearly. as you type, you listen to music, hearing the lyrics "i guess we ran out of time, and then next is love. counting on the clock, it's true. feels like purgatory, ending of our story. i can still say i love you".
    • 06/04/2023 ➣ church was hell as usual. you read volumes 7 to 11 of chainsawman. denji is the man yall.
    • 06/05/2023 ➣ you spend time in your final english class, you played bootleg uno, watched your female friends act gay and touch each others tiddies, and asked people how much gay energy you had. you spend time in your final engineering class, you go into deep conversations about sexual feelings, mess around with a cursed plushie, take pictures, and call it a day.
    • 06/06/2023 ➣ you spend chem class resting on several chairs and playing hangman, using random wacky words. you start building a bigger replica of your national competition bridge. you plan on watching the spiderverse movie with your friend. damn, regé-jean page is like the celebrity version of yourself, he's the end goal for you. i'm so sorry from imagine dragons is hitting different with that guitar solo at the end.
    • 06/07/2023 ➣ wow, this is like the second time you dreamed of your senior friend coming back to school, it's obvious that you miss them dearly. you got nakajiam atsushi [holiday stroll] and gin [kodachi blade]. everybody is surprised that you are wearing crocs. as you walk to your final time in ap euro, you see that same senior friend as if you are in those dreams, except this time, it's real life, they decided to come one last time to return a book and chill. you hug them even though there's a car in the way. you spend the final time in ap euro playing wordle and quordle with the ap euro squad. you spend your final engineering competition class finishing up the national competition replica and chilling with friends. you take one final group picture with your senior friend, it's not goodbye, it's see you later. "i project pain with the frame that i maintain. pulling on chains, wanna break what i can't change. all that rage put away in my ribcage. comes out in stages, how could i stage this. bending over 'til you break your back for this. go 'head and crack my ribs, and take my oxygen. i'm damned if i do or i don't, i'm breaking my bones. can't make it alone, no. making such a mess (hey), it's getting permanently, painted in my head (hey), and there's no going back, so love me like i'm dead (hey), until there's nothing left (hey) and watch me decompose (hey), 'til i'm skin and bones, vulnerable. crack my ribs and make me whole. come and breathe the air into my lungs. i just wanna be your skeleton. fix my head, stitch my soul. find out where it all went wrong. come and breathe the air into my lungs. i just wanna be your skeleton. skeleton." your guidance counselor gets on your nerves one last time and you plan to send them a strongly worded email. it was very last minute, but you were able to submit your essay for the discussion in time.
    • 06/08/2023 ➣ you spend the night talking to your friend who you though liked you but perhaps not, (you think she is lying). you go to sleep knowing that a school year is about to end. you wake up and get ready to go to school, listening to the following lyrics "i said, "go, run for your life. and tell me i'm right or let me know when your heart went numb." i said, "go, run for your life and tell me i'm right."the saying goes, "if you love someone, let them go". i said, "go, run for your life (i stole the moon). and tell me i'm right or let me know when your heart went numb (i drove through that bleak december. baby, baby, just for you)." i said, "go, run for your life (you were my touch of duality) and tell me i'm right (and i'll haunt your every dream)."the saying goes, (i won't worry 'bout a thing)"cause if you love someone. said if you love someone. now if you love someone, yeah. let them go. let them go." you walk into school with your friends in dresses and you looking like a bum. "happy, lucky, so how are you, baby? i'm trying to behave, but that's just way too lame. happy, lucky, so how are you baby so sweet? desire, future, a beautiful star. desire, future, a beautiful star. desire, future, a beautiful star. it kinda feels so good now". you ended up finishing reading chainsawman. you see that the school does not care much about certain fields, perhaps you should try and fix that and get the computer science department more attention. your friend who called you 89% gay now calls you 95% gay and you wish her a good summer. after tons of frustration, you get the online class because "exceptions go for exceptional people" and the guidance counselor will no longer be here. you say goodbye and hug many people goodbye. your friend decides to smack your ass very hard for it to sting for the whole bus ride. you make three posts about your accomplishments, your friends, and the fact people think you're gay. however, season 2 is officially over. wow, this english cover of shirushi hits different "uncertain, still wonderin'. what if tomorrow i disappeared, suddenly no longer here." pretty much, you got a persona 3 remake called persona 3 reload, a persona 5 game caleed persona 5 tactica, the release date for spider-man 2, and the release window for final fantasy vii rebirth.


    • 06/09/2023 ➣ so your barber set you back a few hours for the third time in a row. you did the bungo stray dogs ascension event in one day alone, pretty impressive. the triple a battery coochie girl think you are trying to be like her because you posted your friend's birthday story after them.
    • 06/10/2023 ➣ talking to this friend is just so engaging. the number of times you stayed up til the latest times of the morning with them is crazy, you guys even did a bdsm and found out you are a switch and masochist, not a surprise. you watched across the spiderverse and it was a great film with a great message, great choreography, great chracters (love you hobie brown), and much more.
    • 06/11/2023 ➣ you played breath of the wild, persona 4 arena ultimax, and started your little journey to catch up with the genshin archon quest story. you started to play some roblox games with friends.
    • 06/12/2023 ➣ you played some roblox shadow boxing with friends until 2am and someone's little brother wants some smoke. you head over to the airport to get ready. you arrived in the beautiful land of jamaica. this spider-verse soundtrack be hitting different. looks like you are at a beautiful resort now in jamiaca, the land we love, time to have fun.
    • 06/13/2023 ➣ you woke up at 12:00 am and this is where your day begins. you go out for a midnight meal. apparently, there's a guy called general pocket who gives great tips at the resort. so pretty much with the bungo tales 5.5 anniversary, you got a new ex chuuya, more story, and so much cool stuff. you played some more genshin. you saw your grandfather after so many years and drove out in jamaica to do some sightseeing and get some excellent kfc. looks like you saw an instagram model, nikki chromazz. this spider-verse soundtrack is fabulous. "just to save you, i'd give all of me (yeah). i can hear you screamin' out, callin' me (callin' me). it's my fault, made you fall for me (fall). so to save you, i'd give my all (all)" you went swimming, took some pictures, and wrote your name in the sand. you got some oxtail and watched a retro show that featured dances from the 70's and 80's.
    • 06/14/2023 ➣ you got a great amount of sleep. you finished the genshin chapter iii archon quest. you went on a tour of a premium lounge in the hotel. you ate a nice mango.
    • 06/15/2023 ➣ you read and finished bungo stray dogs beast, what a great au with some crazy events. you took some great pictures on the beach. you saw someone cook and use fire up close and personal.
    • 06/16/2023 ➣ happy birthday to your two friends. you woke up ready to leave. you spilled some eggs on yourself. you waited forever on the bus to the airport. you guys got the first seat on the plane back, look at all that leg room. it looks like you left your charger at the hotel. you spent all that currency to get a bunch of duplicates but you did get that new ex chuuya. you talk about the spiderverse movie with your buddy on his bday.
    • 06/17/2023 ➣ you played some genshin. you caught up on the persona 4 arena story, now time for the p4 and p3 episodes.
    • 06/18/2023 ➣ happy father's day! don't forget to say happy birthday to osamu dazai! you finished nilou's, kazuha's, and nahida's first story quests respectively. you also finished the inversion of genesis interlude quest. you listened to some more sabrina carpenter songs.
    • 06/19/2023 ➣ happy juneteenth! don't worry, it is still osamu dazai's birthday. you shadow boxxed and played friday night funkin with a friend. you played nahida's act ii story quest. you prepare to write a 1500 word essay. "i don't know what tomorrow holds. it's a story no one's ever known. take a step with courage, on your own, what you want to do? it's all on you. no direction written yet, all the pages empty as can be. writing it down, here on out is my true story... there's an ending someone prepared for me. too perfect, it couldn't be true. there were precious things that i had somehow lost, so i hold tight, i can’t lose you."


    • 06/20/2023 ➣ you make your final preparations for your first day of work. you meet your partner intern and your main crew. you played smash bros with a few of the students in the program. you served some tacos for students. you got a nice check on text from your favorite senior friend. you sat through a lengthy meeting and worked on data entry. while tedious, your first day was completed. this person wrote the worst response to your essay ever.
    • 06/21/2023 ➣ time to sleep again on a lonely night. you already feel like sleeping in, that's crazy. today was a mad good day. super mario rpg is back with a remake. also mario bros wonder looks mad good. you got your bungou stray dogs beast vol 4 book. you talked with friends about the direct.
    • 06/22/2023 ➣ you did a lot more work today. you met a more wacky coworker today, she calls you uncle kelan, she's probably your favorite. everyone is so happy that ranpo and poe are going on an aquarium date. looks like the submarine imploded, oh well. stageplay dazai is so delightful. breath of the wild was a really fun experience. you did a little survey for a friends online assignment where you talked about lasting and instant activities, "i'm playing with bad luck (oh). and she doesn't give up (oh). sinking her teeth into my dreams. again and again, i get up again (eh, eh, eh)".
    • 06/23/2023 ➣ one more workday for your last week at work. there was not much to do, so you spend a lot of time playing mpq. you feel bad whenever you see all of these nintendo eshop sales.
    • 06/24/2023 ➣ you wake up, hype up a friend, get put into a server, and get uncomfty. guys, is it gay to like bungou stray dogs? after the uncomfty and lonely experience, you decide to go on omegle for hours. you meet a guy who lives in a country and has the plan to get sex on his birthday. you followed him to see if he could get beer and bring a girl to his house and he did. he even has guns. the mom practically doesn't care. you block this person from ig immediately. octopath was such a good game to get. you finished your last major essay and that means you are done with english. "hey look, ma, i made it. hey look, ma, i made it. everything's comin' up aces, aces. if it's a dream, don't wake me, don't wake me. i said, "hey look, ma, i made it, i made it". i said, "hey look, ma, i made it, i made it". i see it, i want it, i take it, take it. if it's a dream, don't wake me, don't wake me"
    • 06/25/2023 ➣ octopath is definitely a first in the morning. you just weren't in the mood to go back to church. there is another roach in the damn church building. primrose's story is just too good. you would've cried your ass off if mr.beast actually went into that submarine.
    • 06/26/2023 ➣ the fly that has been your room ever since you watched spiderverse was sleeping. instead of killing it in its sleep, you decide let it free.
    • 06/27/2023 ➣ it looks like one of your senior acquaintances got an internship at the same place as you, good for her. you prepare everything for the presentation you will present tomorrow. an old friend texted you about a crush on a person they had.
    • 06/28/2023 ➣ you give a fantastic presentation to the students about future interviews. your friend watched all of season 2 of bungou stray dogs. it seems like the person who texted you yesterday confessed to the boy and got the boy she liked.
    • 06/29/2023 ➣ you work with adult volunteers to give the interview experience. it seems like the friend only needed you for the advice on the crush, oh well.
    • 06/30/2023 ➣ you got some headshots of you and your friends. you walk back and forth a lot to make sure the students are ready for their interviews. it seems like everyone is having a good time. you see them all have their last moments as today was their last day. you spent a lot of time on omegle getting clowned on and complimented.


    • "as you can see, season 2 finished up, and now its time for summer. you went out the country. you went to see the spiderverse movie. you starting to work at an internship. really and truly, it's just how a summer spin off should be. however, despite still being able to text them, you greatly miss your friends, some simply because you don't talk as much, others because it seems like you are not as close as you thought."
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