• you ended your summer vacation and wished your friends a good school year. you started school but you aren't doing so well mentally. you talked with eri a lot and you made some acquaintances.


    • 09/01/2021 ➣ you passed your easy french test. you shared a very pleasant night with eri.
    • 09/02/2021 ➣ for the first time, your bus came at the correct time in the morning, you feel wonderful. your english teacher believes you plagiarized one of your answers even though there should be no way to prove you plagiarized since you never did so in the first place. you feel insulted and confuzzled, but you decided to take it as a compliment. your school went on lockdown during dismissal because of violent activity in the nearby neighborhood.
    • 09/03/2021 ➣ you wanted to talk to the same girl who had to walk in the rain, but you never got the chance. it took your bus more than one hour to reach the school. you grew even closer to eri.
    • 09/04/2021 ➣ you went to go get a physical.
    • 09/05/2021 ➣ you like how eri makes you more productive. you have an idea of what eri is, it was an interesting experience
    • 09/06/2021 ➣ you feel furious because of events that happen to eri. you saw eri in an interesting fit.
    • 09/07/2021 ➣ you wonder what happiness is and if it is possible for you to receive it.
    • 09/08/2021 ➣ you have a fun time in math class. you saw eri's really nice fit today, it is probably your favorite fit that she has. shedding tears doesn't sound that bad to you tonight
    • 09/09/2021 ➣ you had a headache. you talked to the girl today, anastasia is her name. it seems like you guys are acquainted. she's nice
    • 09/10/2021 ➣ the pep rally today was canceled. you feel like a worthless piece of dreck.
    • 09/11/2021 ➣ after waiting and saving, you didn't get a single character you wanted from the thief scout. pain is all you feel, but it's a bit better since you expected nothing from the start.
    • 09/12/2021 ➣ ryale's wishlists of clothes are nice. it seems obvious that there is no reason for anyone to like you. you don't understand where the absence of happiness came from.
    • 09/13/2021 ➣ it rained so hard this morning, almost as if the weather knew how you felt. you got the classes you wanted. you got thief atsushi, you feel happy.


    • 09/14/2021 ➣ you joined your new engineering class and got settled. you might have impressed someone in your math class.
    • 09/15/2021 ➣ you're the first one to ever make that move. they said you might fit in the class. you need to catch up. time to get the act together. you entered your school's weight room, it's an interesting place. you feel great knowing that today is the five-year anniversary of persona 5, and undertale's six-year anniversary too.
    • 09/16/2021 ➣ you've been working all day. you have matching profile pictures with eri, how cool. joseph's reaction when he figured out two of his friends know each other is a delight. eri's listening to some fall out boy, you think it's sweet.
    • 09/17/2021 ➣ you were more social than usual at school today. played some games with kayla and jeremy. jeremy pulled a rainbow rare pokemon card, you feel happy for him
    • 09/18/2021 ➣ babysitting is exhausting for you. hearing from pedroza again is nice.
    • 09/19/2021 ➣ you did a lot of cleaning today. tricking eri to make them think they're muted is fun, their singing is cute though.
    • 09/20/2021 ➣ you believe you might've caught up with both of your new classes. you were incredibly exhausted because of pe. the persona announcements today were all right.
    • 09/21/2021 ➣ your muscles are still sore from yesterday. you are ahead of your sixth period, how cool.
    • 09/22/2021 ➣ you had a stressful assignment in the morning. there are a group of girls who are enjoying themselves while you work. they're loud, but at the same time, it reminds you of the times you had in middle school. you miss your friends and hope they're well. there's a nintendo direct tomorrow, will the final character of your favorite game be revealed? you're excited. a ghost that's always sad; why does this bother you more than it should?
    • 09/23/2021 ➣ it looks like more people are looking at you as a smart kid. sania was surprised that i knew her name, even though i called her by her name before. guess it was because we never talked but a reaction like that implies there is a level of respect. the nintendo direct is near, you believe if there is going to be the final smash dlc reveal, it's going to be eggman from sonic the hedgehog.
    • 09/24/2021 ➣ you're exhausted after working so much. you should continue during study hall. your teacher said that you're getting there. you actually had a fun conversation with a decent group of people on the bus, maybe loneliness isn't your destiny.
    • 09/25/2021 ➣ the second chapter of deltarune was quite enjoyable, you had a nice experience. you made your first public spotify playlist public, and eri practically forced you to promote it so you did. apparently, angelina is always working until midnight or one because of work and then she gets up at 5:30. it's a sad thought, but you still admire the effort she puts in.
    • 09/26/2021 ➣ you had a bad dream where you saw your mother die. maybe you do have issues about that.
    • 09/27/2021 ➣ your grades are not satisfying you. hopefully you can fix this tomorrow. you talked to navid again and found out he is trying to get a girl. you're glad he is moving through life.
    • 09/28/2021 ➣ you found out that your project is a speech. you feel great as sentimentality flows through you. your kitchen is being renovated, ii's cool and dusty now.
    • 09/29/2021 ➣ you played some "games" in math class today. the kitchen is messed up, they built a wall incorrectly. because of this, they will come back and work on it for the next two days. your friend certainly has a lot of audacity asking such a question knowing what they were getting into. how sweet of them.
    • 09/30/2021 ➣ it appears that writing the apa paper for extra credit is the only way now. it was nice that eri helped even though they did not feel well, of course, you appreciate the care and affection. you told some friends at school about the toxic kid from middle school. they claimed they had connections and may do something about them. eri gave you an idea about service hours that is really good. you made a second playlist. it's not a good one, but you love it.


    • your new class is messing with you academically, mentally, emotionally, and probably much more that your deplorable self is experiencing. you made some playlists on spotify, made some friends, and have people wanting to get you gifts. you are nowhere near happiness.
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