• the previous month was more positive. you got service hours and you got to host an event with friends. it seems like you'll be helping a friend out too.


    • 12/01/2021 ➣ it seems they also like total drama, it's nice hearing their reactions. they told you that you're special to them, how sweet.
    • 12/02/2021 ➣ you went down in the engineering room with two of your teachers, the room is almost completed, just needs a bit more work. you got another number, nice. you didn't expect them to say "愛してます" but you feel the same way.
    • 12/03/2021 ➣ you got the vocabulary words, you should give them to the others too. you got three numbers today and a new jacket. they said those things, interesting. ten months is what you're going to have to wait now
    • 12/04/2021 ➣ you woke up at 5:30 on a saturday, what a thriller. the fortnite live event featured the rock, you're, just, you're wowed. you fell into a trap, social life things are getting more stressful by the day
    • 12/05/2021 ➣ happy birthday to one of your favorite fictional characters of all time, haru okumura. a young man at church today had an interesting topic about what happened to him. you enjoyed it and you even got him as your secret santa person. it's a good thing you respect him a lot. you got tickets for spider-man: no way home
    • 12/06/2021 ➣ your chemistry teacher decided to move your midterm to january, how nice of them.
    • 12/07/2021 ➣ happy birthday to yosano akiko. you got confirmation that you have the right vocab words.
    • 12/08/2021 ➣ you woke up at 1 am, and you don't plan on going back to sleep. this technique seems quite useful and effective, you should try this more often. you disappointed your teacher, but disappointing people is your part time job. you got a three hole puncher, sweet.


    • 12/09/2021 ➣ four year anniversary of bungo tales, you wish you were luckier with the given tickets. you barely passed your exam by getting the exact require scored, the exam was unfair though. persona 4 arena ultimax got announced for switch, you feel joyous.
    • 12/10/2021 ➣ it's early. you and them have been working and it looks like you're each going to get a single hour of sleep. that teacher truly is a pain. at least you know your paper is good from your cousin. your hear voices and you're responding to said voices normally. are you going insane? they saved you right there, didn't they just declare your friendship with them yesterday? you guess you saved them too, so maybe that's why they did that. you had a good talk with your teacher, things probably will get better.
    • 12/11/2021 ➣ eight hours of sleep is great after you got one hour the previous day. final fantasy vii is amazing, you watched tons of it today.
    • 12/12/2021 ➣ church took a bit longer than usual, by an hour. you're going to test your theory tomorrow.
    • 12/13/2021 ➣ it looks like the teacher showed your paper to another class as a good example, how nice.your mother caught you in 4k when you woke up at 6 pm and thought it was tomorrow morning. you miss the good times with them, maybe you should ask and see if they will accept the invitation.
    • 12/14/2021 ➣ it's time to pull one final all nighter for the semester. with a bit less than nine hours, you decide to study ap human geography. alpharad's new album helps with studying with less than half an hour before the midterm. what a massacre. you got a ton of free stuff, gift cards to walmart and papa johns, crocs, a bluetooth speaker, a little rocket, it was worth the two hour wait.
    • 12/15/2021 ➣ you stayed after school until 8 pm. you were exhausted.
    • 12/16/2021 ➣ you took your chemistry and pe midterms. aphg was quite a delight. it appears that you may lose more people than you think. you had a good time with one of your friends.
    • 12/17/2021 ➣ you're such a weirdo walking around the entire school campus just contemplating. that's what they said, and they're right. but you needed the contemplation. you added someone to the bridge design team, you should prepare for that next year. you said your final goodbyes for the 2021 year. spider-man: no way home was such a great movie. it felt relatable in several parts and you really needed it.


    • 12/18/2021 ➣ you started playing xenoblade chronicles 2. you got to see your dog friend again. you got two pairs of headphones, one for your secret santa and a red and black pair for you. you made a good decision today.
    • 12/19/2021 ➣ you got a marvel poster today.
    • 12/20/2021 ➣ you watched a ton of final fantasy vii. they called you one of their greatest friends, you wonder if that's really true.
    • 12/21/2021 ➣ you finished final fantasy vii remake. you got a haircut. it appears some people get other things from watching spider-man.
    • 12/22/2021 ➣ you spent the entire day at your cousins.
    • 12/23/2021 ➣ you got library lucy ssr
    • 12/24/2021 ➣ you decided to check up on some friends. you took a trip to orlando and bonded with your mother. you spent a good time with your cousin.
    • 12/25/2021 ➣ it’s christmas. even though it’s midnight, you started watching hawkeye since you finally got the chance. it was a pretty good christmas, everyone seemed happy, you got some good gifts, and it was just a good time. you can't tell if you felt like crying because you didn't deserve anything at all this year and you got things or because the feeling of happiness has been absent for awhile. you hope everyone is happy and well. you watched shang-chi today.
    • 12/26/2021 ➣ you watched black widow today. you came back from orlando.
    • 12/27/2021 ➣ you talked with an elementary friend a lot today.
    • 12/28/2021 ➣ you got ssr kyouka
    • 12/29/2021 ➣ you won a gold rocket league tournament. you tested out your new hole puncher, it's kinda cool. you found out more about your personality type because of eri.
    • 12/30/2021 ➣ it's weird to have everyone you know in an unconscious state while you're up. at least you had them to keep you company when they were writing the paper. you guess this is what happens during an all nighter. you finished your 2021 playlist
    • 12/31/2021 ➣ it's new years eve. the final 24 hours of 2021. you decided to go for one more all nighter. will you be okay next year, let's hope you are and no one gets hurt because of it. an alpharad video will be the last youtube video you watch.


    • while many great things happened during this month like spiderman no way home, christmas, and the sheriff's gifts, this month was incredibly brutal. hope things don't get worse in the upcoming year.
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