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i wanna be defined by the things that i love, not the things i hate, not the things i'm afraid of, or the things that haunt me in the middle of the night. i just think that.. you are what you love.

mæria (to watch)
(one album for every year i've lived)

₊˚✧ november

  • (1) really cold day, went out with my friend to record some stuff for his uni assignment, been sleeping really early these past few days, lazy holidays with my girlfriend, adventure time, played bingo! ate a lot of candies, delicious snacks and watched movies, 8 hour bus journey just to see my family, spent all my day talking about everything with my grandma, ate really good food today. (2) cookies, spent the day with my cousins, weather is really hot i almost melted, went to see a doctor (finally), babysitting for two days, weather was really really hot, went out to have dinner with my family, baked a cake, something really great happened and i’m so happy :), weather is so hot it’s making me stressed, spent the day with my cousins again, lots of salad, açaí and night walks with my grandma. (3) drank a lot of water today, woke up early for nothing *sad crying*, the hot weather is really killing me, lazy days, walks with my grandma, making plans for the eras tour, taylor arrived!, sad news :(, i looooove spending time with my family can’t believe i’m leaving soon again *REALLY sad crying*, lots of good (and bad) memories in this city, DEAN RELEASED A NEW SONG!!!! FUCKING!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!! finally raining after two weeks suffering, i’m really disappointed and sad about that ts situation in brazil (and all my days were ruined by it), i always get sad when i have to say goodbye to my family but fortunately i’ll be back next month, feeling really sick and nauseous, 8 hour bus journey again to come back home, ate fast food. (4) anxious to the eras tour & to see my 7 year long best friend, THE ERAS TOUR WAS MAGICAL and can’t believe i gave my long distance best friend a hug (he’s the coolest), i’m in love with sabrina & taylor is so beautiful, walks with my girlfriend! we ate corn dog and mc donalds, missing my family :(, weather is really really cold and it’s raining, feeling so depressed i could cry forever, missing taylor, can’t believe the month is already ending,

₊˚✧ october

  • (1) spooky season! watched a lot of horror movies and that's my favorite thing in the whole world, league of legends with ziza, laundry day, made the deepest house clean bc it’s been a while, haircare, pasta, junkfood night, went out with the girls & the gay and got really drunk, went to the mall, movie night with my girlfriend. (2) banana cake, burger night, finished kny :(, ate my favorite candies watching halloween movies, haircare day, watched some dance performances, spooky marathon during the week with my girlfriend, drinking night, cold weather, spent the whole holidays with my girlfriend. (3) got really sick AGAIN, afternoon walks, my whole week was really boring, cold weather, haircare day, lots of phone calls with my family, new uni trimester, helped my girlfriend with some candies to her birthday party & went out for her pre birthday!!!!! YASMIMI DAY!!!!! went out to her birthday party and ate a lot of delicious food, lazy sunday, phone calls with my mom & grandma. (4) studying studying studying, barely sleeping this week, ate a lot of candies, addicted to pokemon go again, league of legends with ziza, cleaned up my room, the sims 4, cried a lot this week thought i was turn into tears, 1989 tv!!!! spent the weekend with my girlfriend and we watched a lot of movies, it’s raining but at same time weather is really hot, ate a lot of candies, been thinking too much feels like my head’s gonna explode, watched a lot of movies this month and it was really worth it. bye october! *pumpkin emoji*

₊˚✧ september

  • (1) spent another weekend with my girlfriend and it was really fun! cookies, drinking games, deep house clean, cooking, went out to eat churros, spent the holidays with my girlfriend and it was really nice, went out to had drinks with my bestest, guts by olivia rodrigo is out!!!! (2) productive week, made some delicious food for the week, really really hot days, the sims, vmas, feeling really sad, lots of movies, rainy day (finally!!!), açaí, the sims, haircare, pizza night with my baby. (3) days was really hot, ice cream, spent my weekend with my girlfriend again and it was really cool, really hot monday, lots of delicious food, finishing some college stuff. (4) spent the friday with my girlfriend, weather is really REALLY hot, headaches, watching a lot of movies lately, rainy day finally! the sims, feeling really sad this week, suddenly the weather is cold, watched a dance rehearsal, cooked with my girlfriend & spent the weekend with her.

₊˚✧ august

  • (1) august slipped away into a moment in time!, therapy session of the week, feeling extremely sad, hair + skincare routine, league of legends, had the best weekend ever with my girlfriend cause we ate burgers, barbecue and had movie nights <3, sleepy day, league of legends again. (2) league of legends, walks with yasmin’s grandma, cold evening, burgers, finished mia’s druck season, guess grief really lasts forever and it hurts my heart everyday, therapy session of the week, 1989 taylor’s version!!!!! haircare day, pizza date (we also tried korean ice cream), movie night, feeling really sick again, i hate father’s day so much, ate a delicious lunch (i made it myself), really cold monday. (3) studying studying studying, lots of exams, movie nights, good food and a really great weekend with my girlfriend, something really terrible happened, missing my family hours, delicious dinner, feeling so exhausted, another week cooking things i like for lunch, feeling so sad about my life just want to be happy and my heart safe. (4) another week cooking for myself and trying to save money, delicious date with my best (girl)friend, this week was really hot and lazy, studying german and english, drinking games, lots of movies and cooking with my girl, made lunch for myself, coldest days i can’t even leave my blanket, feeling a little low lately think i just hate being alone.

₊˚✧ july

  • (1) made burgers with a lot of cheese (just realized my life is full of good food and that makes me really happy), chocolate cake, the sims, got into another degree because being an adult can be really confusing! but at least i’m happy, league of legends, made lunch with my grandma, went to my cousin’s house, this week was really heavy but i’m not feeling sad actually, took a little care of myself today :), lots of studying… (2) started this week feeling really sad, morning walks with grandma, burgers with mom, finished girls like girls and my expectations were too high ig, therapy session of the week, had a really nice day, finished a lot of books this week, cooking with my family, ate soup today, movie night, barbecue with my family <3 (3) feeling really sick, anxiety is eating my brain out, walks with my grandma, orange juice, talks and talks with my grandma, facetiming with my cousin, league of legends, packing my things to go home after two months with my family and feeling really emotional, had a cold for a week and spent my whole weekend at home, lunch with my family. (4) my family came to say goodbye :(, home again, i applied for a new job, went out with my girlfriend to see barbie, spent the past few days in my girlfriend’s house, we had drinking & gaming nights, watched a lot of movies and ate a lot of delicious food! i really missed her <3, called my grandma because i already miss her, cleaned the house listening to taylor swift, feeling really sad i wish things work out for me someday, bought a lot of healthy food, burger night, druck.

₊˚✧ june

  • (1) only slept 3 hours last night, passion fruit juice <3, just miss home so bad but i’ll miss being with my family when i leave :/, feeling really exhausted, the eras tour brazil dates!, lunch with my family, feeling really anxious. (2) didn’t slept last night, finally finished duskwood and i really gonna miss this game, never felt so sad and depressed, missed the eras tour tickets TWICE :(, never felt so sad all my life and don't even know what to do about it, the sims, caipirinha. (3) the flash movie, photobooth, got pizza, IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING BUT!!!!!! SEEING TAYLOR IN NOVEMBER, feeling a lot better this week, sore throat, woke up with a terrible allergy, pizza toast, gabriel’s birthday, therapy session of the week and it was really sensitive, ludo. (4) são joão, cake cake cake for my mom’s birthday, lunch with my family, felt really upset about a lot of things today and i hate sundays, watched a silly movie with mimi, went out to get vaccinated, last therapy session of the month, dentist with mom, brownie, finally ending this month and trying to let all my negative/not so good feelings behind.

₊˚✧ may

  • (1) scream 2 with yas, home, the sims, therapy session of the week, headache, ate one of my favorite dishes, finished another book, starting buffy the vampire slayer, had a really tough week tbh. (2) drinking night, scream with yas, went out with gabi and yas to eat kfc, hot weather, league of legends, pasta!, headache again, therapy session of the week and i’m feeling better than i was, burrito with glegle, detective mobile games, diy stuff, drinking night and delicious food, scream 5 with yas, pizza night, scream with my besties, mother’s day <3 (3) another long travel to my family’s house, missing my girlfriend hours, starting queen charlotte and i’m really in love, officially graduated!, mari made us matching necklaces, already finished queen charlotte, nostalgia, really wish i was home, the sims, really missing home, being an adult is terrible, league of legends, pancakes, woke up with my nose bleeding again, ate a lot of delicious food, finished two terrible books, missing my gf, lasagna, spent my whole day in my room. (4) watched a lot of movies, a lot of delicious food AGAIN, really lazy day, grapes <3, wish i had a happy life, slept all day, made cookies, league of legends, chocolate pudding, real sad hours, long ass month, glee, lazy afternoon, league of legends, finishing duskwood, amusement park, pizza night, fried turnovers, slept a lot bc i hate sundays, new and good stuff happening, last therapy of the month which is finally ending, feeling really happy.

₊˚✧ april

  • (1) mall and hot dog night with my gf, MY BDAY!!!!! got drunk with my friends and had a lot of fun <3, had the BEST birthday ever & my yas gave me the cutest gifts, 8 hour bus journey just to see my family hehe. (2) mom and i got our stuff to my birthday party, cake! pizza night with my family, terrible allergy week, celebrated my birthday with my family <3, trip food with mari, barbecue day w/ my family. (3) foot ache + got really sick, had lunch with my aunties, pretty pretty hair, back to therapy!!!! wish i could hug myself extra tight this week, strawberries <3 (4) just met the little love of my life, i hate sundays and the cold, went out with igor and his gf, these days don’t end and i feel a lot of sadness, haircut, home again, it’s raining but it’s cold either and i hate it, trip with yas.
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