hey, you! don't help them to bury the light. don't give in, without a fight. [...] hey, you! don't tell me there's no hope at all, together we stand, divided we fall. — hey you, pink floyd

pelos campos há fome em grandes plantações. pelas ruas marchando indecisos cordões. ainda fazem da flor seu mais forte refrão, e acreditam nas flores vencendo o canhão. [...] há soldados armados, amados ou não, quase todos perdidos de armas na mão. nos quartéis lhes ensinam uma antiga lição de morrer pela pátria e viver sem razão [...] os amores na mente, as flores no chão, a certeza na frente, a história na mão. — pra não dizer que não falei das flores, geraldo vandré

and all these things are swept aside by bloody hands time can't deny and are washed away by your genocide and history hides the lies of our civil wars. [...] did you wear a black armband when they shot the man who said "peace could last forever"? — civil war, guns n' roses

i'm worse at what i do best and for this gift i feel blessed. — smells like teen spirit, nirvana

eu não preciso de braços ao meu redor e eu não preciso de nenhuma droga para me acalmar. eu vi os escritos na parede. não pense que eu preciso de alguma coisa. não! não acho que vá precisar de nada. ao todo, tudo foi apenas tijolos no muro. ao todo, vocês eram só mais tijolos no muro. — another brick in the wall, pink floyd

toda forma de arte é uma meditação sobre amor e morte. [...] a gente pinta sonhos maravilhosos em nossas mentes mas o mundo traz a gente pra baixo. a gente ama feito o picasso e morre feito a frida kahlo. [...] a gente só quer sair mas não sai nunca. é impossível sair. a gente ama feito o tolstói e a gente morre feito o mayakovski — amor e morte, vitor brauer

eu sou nuvem passageira que com o vento se vai. eu sou como um cristal bonito que se quebra quando cai. por isso agora o que eu quero é dançar na chuva. não quero nem saber de me fazer ou me matar. eu vou deixar em dia a vida e a minha energia, sou um castelo de areia na beira do mar. — nuvem passageira, hermes aquino

when i was a child i had a fever, my hands felt just like two balloons. now i've got that feeling once again, i can't explain, you would not understand. this is not how i am. i have become comfortably numb. — comfortably numb, pink floyd

the only one who's really judging you is yourself, nobody else. — alterego, tame impala

days of lavender they pass me by and still i hide the ugly flowers in my mind. — days of lavender, promise ltd.

tenho vinte e cinco anos de sonho e de sangue. e de américa do sul. — á palo seco, belchior

você é como uma obra impressionista, com suas sombras coloridas e luminosas. você é como uma obra do romantismo, com seu pessimismo e a sua emoção quase sempre exagerada. você é como uma obra do realismo, que é o exemplo perfeito dos conflitos interiores do ser humano. — você é a melhor de todas as artes, wagner almeida

if someone hates you, make a wish upon the moon. you're just a little different from others, you're so pretty, you're a small treasure. i hope you don't know the taste of bitter coffee, pretty girl, i'll put honey in your warm milk, pretty girl. — i wish, luna

in this small town with you gone far away, and all the stares it brings me down. don't hide. don't hurt. in a few years you will realise the truth the pain will subside. [...] everyone's gone, i am here on my own and this small house feels so empty now. i hit the road and drive into the hills but all the tears it's bringing me down. — runaway, flash flood darlings

o gorro do papai noel não entra na cabeça de quem já aprendeu a formula de bhaskara, já saiu a noite e já deitou na cama com alguém. crescer é uma merda, tudo se paga, vamos dar uma volta. — vamos dar uma volta, irmão victor

i read a book a day, like an apple but i did not eat. and so the doctor came to me she said "a woman does not live by the printed word. forgive yourself and eat". — down and dusky blonde, god help the girl

we are wanderers, star from star in a search for our promised land we can't rest ‘til it's found. we left our home world, home is only a name. we don't care about belonging, we just want beauty in our existence. [...] desire was what made the ones that came before us eternal exiles.the desire of innocent minds, desire of beauty so unblemished. — we are wanderers, flash flood darlings

but don't forget the songs that made you cry and the songs that saved your life. yes, you're older now and you're a clever swine, but they were the only ones who ever stood by you. — rubber ring, the smiths

we were a silence between two special songs, silence that is also music in itself, a trace, faded silhouettes, not strangers... never strangers i'm so lost in my thoughts... i can't tell the difference between dreams and reality anymore and if what i imagined with you was never real, then i'll just keep lying to myself. — the silence between two special songs, furino

and all god's angels beware. and all you judges beware. sons of chance take good care for all the people out there. i'm not afraid anymore. — insight, joy division

anjos e arcanjos não pousam neste édem infernal e a flecha do selvagem matou mil aves no ar [...] prometo abrir meu amor macio, como uma flor cheia de mel pra te embriagar, sem ninguém nos ver [...] tragam uvas negras, tragam festas e flores, tragam corpos e dores, tragam incensos e odores, mas tragam lúcifer pra mim. em uma bandeja, pra mim. — ave lúcifer, os mutantes

e até quem me vê lendo o jornal na fila do pão, sabe que eu te encontrei. e ninguém dirá que é tarde demais, que é tão diferente assim. do nosso amor a gente é que sabe, pequena. — último romance, los hermanos

i know you're still here but i miss the time when you could see me as i am. — shower time machine, flash flood darlings

i wanna just dance, but he took me home instead. uh oh! there was a monster in my bed. we french kissed on a subway train, he tore my clothes right off. he ate my heart and then he ate my brain. — monster, lady gaga

my lashes are dry, purple teardrops i cry. it don't have a price, loving you is cherry pie. [...] we're plastic, but we still have fun. — paparazzi, lady gaga

club queen on the downtown scene prowling around at night. you're not mean, you're just born to be seen, born to be wild. [...] you're so art deco, out on the floor, shining like gunmetal, cold and unsure. baby, you're so ghetto, you're looking to score. when they all say hello, you try to ignore them. — art deco, lana del rey

i sense the pounding of her heart next to mine. she's the sweetest love i could find, so i guess i'll be hunting high and low. [...] do you know what it means to love you? — hunting high and low, a-ha

and she looks like the moon, so close and yet, so far. — like the moon, future islands

daylight, i dream of you softly, i wrote you a letter that will never reach you. in montreal, the days are much colder there now you grow older there, without me [...] i danced in the parking lot, cried in the taxi home 'cause i still remembered your name [...] and there you are, beautiful just like the first time, you reach out, i’m shaking again, you’re gone in a moment, you leave me alone but i swear you were real in my hands [...] i know these words might mean nothing now. while i’m stuck in this ghost town your softness still haunts me. someday i’ll find my way out of here, if you don’t change your mind, my dear, i’ll take you with me. — angela, flower face

and all my birds of paradise who never got to fly at night 'cause they were caught up in the dance. — get free, lana del rey

cause i feel like i'm the worst, so i always act like i'm the best. — oh no!, marina and the diamonds

but girls love girls and boys, and love is not a choice. — girls/girls/boys, p!atd

agora eu era o rei, era o bedel e era também juiz e pela minha lei a gente era obrigada a ser feliz. e você era a princesa que eu fiz coroar e era tão linda de se admirar que andava nua pelo meu país. [...] a gente agora já não tinha medo, no tempo da maldade acho que a gente nem tinha nascido [...] pra lá desse quintal era uma noite que não tem mais fim, pois você sumiu no mundo sem me avisar e agora eu era um louco a perguntar "o que é que a vida vai fazer de mim?" — joão e maria, chico buarque e nara leão

vou viver o hoje amor, contigo ou sem, esquecer de toda dor que a vida tem. fugir de onde os outros sempre vão, pois o que li nos livros ou na mão não pode ser em vão. — doce, boogarins

oh baby it’s you. it’s only the beginning, the limitless me, from the start of the east to the end of the west. [...] in this gray city, it ain’t got a chance. i wondered when the future was gonna come, but it’s in front of my eyes now. — limitless, nct 127

a festa acabou e só restou nós dois. os meus amigos já foram pra casa. nós somos jovens e inseguros, não temos nada a perder. as nossas danças, ninguém entende e nem precisam entender, porque eu vou te amar pra nunca envelhecer. e se eu envelhecer vai, e se eu envelhecer vai ser contigo. — jovens inseguros vivendo no futuro, garbo

tenho um maço de receios, não durmo direito, onde está meu lar? mas se te encontrasse hoje, ao menos essa noite, te chamaria pra dançar [...] e quanto mais eu lembro do calor que foi mais eu sinto frio. — last dance, jaloo

your body movement resembles a flower petal. — beautiful, exo

i have no voice if i don't speak my mind. — cause i'm a man, tame impala

i can hear my heart breaking tonight, do you hear it too? it's like a summer shower with every drop of rain singing 'i love you i love you i love you'. — pink in the night, mitski

i swear by god you are an angel, ironic how you help me raise hell. — freak like me, nombe

escuta agora a canção que eu fiz pra te esquecer, luiza. eu sou apenas um pobre amador, apaixonado, um aprendiz do teu amor. acorda amor, que eu sei que embaixo desta neve mora um coração [...] e um raio de sol nos teus cabelos como um brilhante que partindo a luz explode em sete cores, revelando então os sete mil amores que eu guardei somente pra te dar, luiza. — luiza, tom jobim

o meu amor tem um jeito manso que é só seu e que me deixa louca quando me beija a boca, a minha pele toda fica arrepiada e me beija com calma e fundo até minh'alma se sentir beijada. [...] eu sou sua menina, viu? e ele é o meu rapaz, meu corpo é testemunha do bem que ele me faz. — o meu amor, chico buarque

oh, pedaço de mim! oh, metade arrancada de mim! leva o vulto teu que a saudade é o revés de um parto, a saudade é arrumar o quarto do filho que já morreu. [...] oh, pedaço de mim! oh, metade adorada de mim! lava os olhos meus, que a saudade é o pior castigo e eu não quero levar comigo a mortalha do amor, adeus. — pedaço de mim, chico buarque e zizi possi

and the night sky blooms with fire, and the burning bed floats higher, and she's free to fly just a spark in the sky painting heaven and hell much brighter. — burn it blue, caetano veloso e lila downs

menino, tu é um perigo. me avisaram, mas não deu tempo. eu fico na pista o set inteiro, dançando como se seu corpo estivesse junto do meu, marinheiro. — flerte revival, letrux

baby, do you know the reason i still circle around you? baby, you’ve got a strange gravitational force that pulls me towards you. — ariel, the black skirts

i may seem like i don’t have any worries but i have a lot to say. the moment i first saw you, i was so attracted to you, i didn’t weigh out my thoughts and just talked "the answer is you. my answer is you. i showed you my everything, you are my everything" because i was so sure. — my answer, exo

forgive me for my crimes; don't forget that i was so young, fought so scared in the name of god and country. — m.i.a, avenged sevenfold

my heart is covered black, your place. your heart is burnt white, my place. — playboy, exo

an endless mystery, a foggy memory. why are my predictions not coming true? the sound of the rain mixed with tears, the sound of your breath in my ears, i couldn’t find you even once. you hurt me. [...] forever in my head you are living. in my eyes, i see the transparent you and me. — hurt, exo

even the stars fall asleep on this late night, the moon is alone in the sky. as it softly falls through the window and shines it makes you dream of me. [...] she’s dreaming, she’s dreaming, a night thick with moonlight it’s our only time together. she’s dreaming, she’s dreaming, you’re asleep in me i can’t help but smile. i’m just looking at you, because in the morning, as if nothing happened, you’ll wake up. — 꿈 she's dreaming, exo

listen carefully, somewhere not far away, not far away no, someone is standing still in the same place thinking only about you baby. — white noise, exo

they said "there's too much caffeine in your bloodstream and a lack of real spice in your life". — a rush and a push and the land is ours, the smiths

i cry when angels deserve to die. — chop suey, system of a down

now i understand what you tried to say to me. and how you suffered for your sanity and how you tried to set them free. they would not listen, they did not know how. perhaps, they'll listen now. [...] you took your life, as lovers often do. but i could've told you, vincent, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you. — vincent, don mclean

i look at the world and i notice it's turning while my guitar gently weeps. with every mistake we must surely be learning, still my guitar gently weeps. — while my guitar gently weeps, the beatles

this is the saddest melody in the world. [...] hey mr. airplane, stop for a moment, it’s raining, the wind is blowing, it’ll be dangerous if you go now. hey mr. airplane, stop for a moment, there’s a lot of time there’s tomorrow too so let her come off or let me get on. just one more day, just one more hour, just one more minute, just wanna say one thing. — airplane, ikon

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