you're like a blazing fire in the sahara / on a wind filled night / movin' in all directions -kelsey lu's "shades of blue"

i've always needed you / across the landscapes of my body / you put me in the mood —twin sister's "phenomenons"

and it's the darkest side of my heart that dies when you come to me / and it's the golden ticket i win when you kill my enemies / i hear the father's cry and the softest sigh when I'm empty —the middle east's "the darkest side"

i gave you a flower because foxes travel light —destroyer's "blue flower/blue flame"

after we did it by the window sill / smoke rings drift into the midnight sky / presently in the quilt that your mother made / a prayer candle burns to fight off the gloom / i said to live this way is not for the meek / and like a jazz dj you talk me into sleep / i said there will be no regrets when the worms come / and they shall surely come —third eye blind's "i want you"

these looms that weave apocrypha / they're hanging from a strand / the dark and empty rooms were full / of incandescent hands —andrew bird's "armchairs"

& i dreamed you were a cosmonaut / of the space between our chairs / and i was a cartographer / of the tangles in your hair

i will rise now / and go about the city / in the street's / broadways i seek / him whom my soul loveth —bat for lashes' "glass"

oct 1 2010 ∞
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user picture lungsburst: I ♥ The Middle East. dec 2 2010
user picture flowermouth: I also love their song "Beleriland" mostly because I associate it with Edward and Bella (I found it on a E&B fanmix). It's beautiful. dec 3 2010