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disclaimer ; i really love angst.
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  • you, in my arms mark + donghyuck ⊰ Mark wasn't expecting to be thrown a curve ball at the start of his senior year of high school--his private, mundane, Christian boarding school. Even more unexpected was that it would come in the shape of a flashy, quick-witted, bronzed teenage boy. Just like everyone else, they start off as strangers, quickly becoming friends after meeting and...staying friends. Mark didn't really anticipate anything past that. But somewhere between the stolen glances and sneaking out past curfew, the shared smiles and laughing so hard his sides feel about ready to burst, the gentle touches and carding fingers through fading, fiery hair on his lap. Somewhere between these precious, everyday moments, Mark finds himself falling in love with Lee Donghyuck.

mark + donghyuck

  • lovesick f#%k ⊰ “Okay,” Donghyuck says, “My immediate response was going to be ‘fuck no’, but I figured that meant I should humour you and your,” he picks up the jar, squinting at the permanent marker and rattling the coin inside, “Seu-we-eo-ja?” (Mark keeps a swear jar. By NCT Dream's first comeback, it's almost full.) ♡
  • the weekend, or whatever ⊰ Donghyuck snorts. “And I'm the extra one.” “I guess you're rubbing off on me,” Mark shrugs and sets off quietly. ♡
  • imprints ⊰ Mark is struggling with the extremely warm weather. Donghyuck decides to agonise him a bit further. ♡
  • starbright ⊰ There’s this whole deal about how you find your soulmate, but Donghyuck’s already got his. The problem lies in admitting it. ♡
  • ice cream, sweet nothings and magic ⊰ "Say sweet nothings, stroke your pendant—I’ll be there." ♡
  • nighttime skies and sunshine eyes ⊰ Mark supposes that island boys must be made of summer. ♡
  • sunny afternoon ⊰ Mark didn't mind summer, he really, really didn't. In fact it might even be one of his favorite seasons, but working his summer away in an Ice Cream Parlour wasn't really his definition of a good time. That is until one day a boy, who glowed like the summer sun, stumbled into the shop. ♡
  • hundred light years from home, it's you ⊰ Mark leaves everything he's ever known to follow his dreams, finds a new home somewhere along the way. ♡
  • i was lowkey, that's the old me ⊰ Donghyuck is going to start prematurely greying because of Mark Lee. Alternatively, Mark gets glasses and Donghyuck has to eat his words. ♡
  • creature of habit ⊰ If Jeno was the angel on Mark’s shoulder, then Donghyuck was the devil, and Mark wanted to do something that felt wrong, even just once. ♡
  • to be young and in love ⊰ "You're disgusting. Stay away, you dick," he mumbles, cheeks heating up. Donghyuck puts his hand on Mark's thigh and leans closer. "I love it when you're mean to me," Donghyuck laughs but Mark can't really concentrate on that. The other is so close he could count his lashes and the imperfections on his skin, so close the scent of cigarettes and his cologne is almost insuperable. Or the one where Donghyuck is a bad boy and Mark just won't stop blushing.
  • spring days ⊰ Jisung's pov. Spring days are when things have a new beginning. tl;dr: Mark and Donghyuck's friendship blossoms into something else.
  • two! three! ⊰ Rule #1 of Starting Your Own Band: DON'T DATE YOUR GODDAMN DRUMMER. ♡
  • future-bending ⊰ Donghyuck gets well-acquainted with the pavement and a fear of dying with his heartache. ♡
  • don't wanna feel ⊰ Mark and Donghyuck fell in love through dreams. ♡
  • sunsoaked ⊰ Delicate. The word that Mark was looking for, to describe Donghyuck’s expression. It was delicate. And it was all he had been able to think about. He was all Mark had been able to think about. ♡
  • spinning it faster is not always the best choice ⊰ When Donghyuck first met Mark, the boy had his hand stuck in a washing machine. Thirty minutes later, he falls in love.
  • we're so okay here we're doing fine ⊰ Donghyuck doesn't think about falling, not until Mark casually mentions how easy it happens. ♡
  • pandorica ⊰ “Huh,” Mark huffs, pursing his lips. “What can I do to change your mind?” “Kiss me again,” Donghyuck says, leaning down again. “Consider it your makeup test.” cw: depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety.
  • you're like summer, brighter than the morning sun ⊰ Seemingly out of nowhere, Donghyuck shifts his head so that he’s looking up at Mark and states, “Tell me more about my legs.”
  • star light star bright ⊰ When Mark wishes upon a shooting star, Donghyuck is not what he expects. But perhaps Donghyuck is exactly what he needs. ♡
  • a little extraordinary ⊰ Mark didn't consider his life as special. Not in a depressed sort of way, he just kind of knew that there were people out there leading far more interesting lives and he was okay with that. Not everyone was born to be in a history book. His life wasn't boring either. He had enough friends that got up to dumb shit when they were bored, that he could confidently say that his life wasn't boring. It just wasn't amazingly extraordinary. That is until one fateful night in late autumn. That's when his life became a little more extraordinary. cw: past abuse, violence.
  • there's comfort at the bottom of a swimming pool ⊰ Donghyuck makes time go at half speed and Mark likes his summers long. ♡
  • just wanna dance with you under the hot sun ⊰ Sometimes, it’s not the boy with bandaged knuckles and a wicked smile that’s the heartbreaker but the one with a stack of schoolbooks and a sweater so long it reaches his knees.
  • love is like a cup of coffee ⊰ “Oh my God,” Mark finds himself whispering to no one in particular, air effortlessly escaping his lungs as he stares at the boy from across the room. Or, in which Mark becomes hopelessly infatuated with the regular at the café.
  • if you must, make me blush ⊰ Once again, I am left out of breath (on the edge of losing it).
  • no matter what ⊰ They've always been there for each other, from the very beginning, and if there's something that terrifies Donghyuck the most, that would be change. How is he supposed to deal with the huge change in his relationship with Mark after he presents in front of him? ABO Verse.
  • out of your mind ⊰ Mark just wants to be a regular teenager. Or as regular as an eighteen-year-old sharing his body with a demon can get. And unfortunately for him, Donghyuck loves making things complicated. ♡
  • hopeless hearts just passing through, i was made for loving you ⊰ Donghyuck's mother was the demon looming over his shoulder. She painted his life with harsh greys, desolate blues and destructive reds. So when she pushes him to a cage with Mark, he knows there's no escape but he also knows he wants to love the man he married. So he tries. He succeeds. (It was never hard anyway). cw: depictions of violence, panic attacks, past child/domestic abuse, homophobia.
  • hippocampus ⊰ For someone who studies brains, Donghyuck sure acts like he doesn't have one. ♡
  • stealing the sun is not enough ⊰ Mark Lee is a demigod with a knack for terrible decisions and a crush on Donghyuck from Apollo's cabin.
  • spring break, all your bones ⊰ Donghyuck is for Saturday mornings after sleepovers Mark would never admit he enjoys and summer afternoons sitting on sun warmed sidewalks with sugary ice cream melting in their mouths and down their fingers. Donghyuck is his childhood and adolescence, and Mark spends spring break getting reacquainted.

renjun + jeno

  • 눈을 뗄 수가 없어 ⊰ Jeno doesn’t mean to stare, but there’s something about the boy with the vibrant red hair that captures his attention. ♡
  • dog days ⊰ Jeno doesn’t hate Yuta - he’s kind and funny and treats him like he’s his younger brother - but he hates any older guy that attracts Renjun’s attention. ♡
  • no man is an island ⊰ Jeno's normal high school life turns into a roller-coaster of feelings when he meets a fairy in their school's garden.
  • that's what i like ⊰ Renjun's first kiss is stolen by one of his friends while they are in the haunted house. Interestingly, Jeno keeps avoiding him afterwards. In a hindsight, Renjun should've probably guessed why but he's stupidly oblivious at times and this, it's one of those times.
  • wedding bells ⊰ It would be so much easier to tolerate Jeno if he had been the stereotypical chaebol you see in dramas. The kind of chaebol who is stubborn, cocky, and just gets everything he wants with a click of his finger. It would be so easy to hate him. But the problem is, Jeno is none of that, except he is sort of very fucking stubborn.
  • you perfectly complete me, oh boy ⊰ Another week in detention for another failed prank, Jeno starts to question if he needs new friends. One look at the new boy in detention and Jeno decides they're meant to be.
  • sway ⊰ Jeno laughed, and for a split second, Renjun felt like he could do this. Take on the challenge that was Lee Jeno, the nation’s wayward son. But then Jeno’s face went pale and he leaned over the edge of the bed and threw up on the carpet. Some of it splattered onto Renjun’s shoes. He closed his eyes. Maybe not. (Or: Jeno is a child star turned SM idol. Renjun is his manager.) ♡
  • a little longer longing ⊰ Renjun wants to believe that it's not about him, that it's not about Jeno—that it's about something bigger than both of them. (Or, a Catholic school AU) ♡
  • the crystal chaser ⊰ Renjun has to deal with love potions, tea leaf readings, and the smell of throw up.
  • runner boy and his cup ⊰ Jeno is convinced that he’s terrible at dating. He wants someone to practice with, and who better with than his best friend, Renjun. ♡

jeno + donghyuck

  • spend some time with you ⊰ Donghyuck and Jeno become an unlikely, uh, something? ♡
  • did it frighten you? ⊰ “You had to pick the least sexy place in SM Entertainment to do this in?” Jeno says as he opens the door of the office. It creaks horribly and Donghyuck, who’d been waiting on the dusty desk chair, yelps. “A true master of kissing doesn’t blame his environment,” Donghyuck responds, hands steepled but his eyes nervously darting around the room. ♡
  • bridge the world ⊰ Jeno meets a cute boy at the airport and life is okay.
  • in every one of his touches, there's magic ⊰ "I get him to go with me to the movies, we watch GOTG2, we hold hands, we're boyfriends. Bam. two plus two equals four." ♡

mark + jaemin

  • stupid cupid ⊰ “Spoiled?” Mark asks as he pushes himself up, leaning against the back of the booth chair. “Spoiled with what?” Mark narrows his eyes playfully, slumping down in the booth and trapping Jaemin’s legs between his own. “With my ever prevalent presence, of course,” Jaemin laughs, flipping his fair in faux sass. Mark rolls his eyes. “What does that have to do with anything?” “Oh, so you’re not denying it?” ♡
  • if you wait just a little longer ⊰ The sweet reek of vanilla is constantly filling Mark's nose in a very pleasant and intoxicating way and Mark continues to drown, drown, and drown himself more into the sweet scent only to find himself getting confused and lost. Alternatively, Mark is just a gryffindor trying to adjust to sixth year and its' packed schedule while harbouring a crush on a particular fifth year ravenclaw who remains stone-faced to all of Mark's blatant affections towards him.
  • the boy with the blue umbrella ⊰ In which Minhyung is taken with the boy and his blue umbrella. (Minhyung finds himself, the dusk of each day at the same darned bench by the junction. And it wasn’t surprising anymore really, when each day he came, he came to the sight of a boy with a blue umbrella) cw: death
  • dreamwalker ⊰ Don't you just want to fall in love in the summer?

jeno + jaemin

  • came out sideways ⊰ Na Jaemin will not break his streak of extreme emotional constipation-especially not to fall in love with his best friend. Chenle is the replacement demon, Ren Jun is the best person in the world, and Lee Jeno is Jaemin's sugar baby cupcake angel puppy beautiful lovey-dovey prince. He'll tell him when someone pulls his emotions out of his ass. ♡
  • if you were a chicken you'd be impeccable ⊰ "Sure," Jaemin replies, finally managing to sound halfway normal even though he’s sweating profusely and covered in sheet mask moisturizer. or, Donghyuck is evil but for once it works out in Jaemin's favor.
  • unhappy meal ⊰ Jaemin orders Jeno a Happy Meal to-go.
  • damn muggle movies ⊰ In which Gryffindor's head boy Lee Jeno is set to marry Slytherin's chaser Na Jaemin for the sake of their families. Also, their friends watch too many muggle movies.
  • caffeine & sugar ⊰ Jaemin consumes caffeine and sugar to survive and Jeno has always been a morning person. ♡

mark + jeno

  • words in your hands ⊰ Mark is sure that Jeno is interested in Renjun so he ignores all his attempts at flirting. He really wishes Jeno would just stop; it's not good for his heart.

donghyuck + jaemin

  • hearts don't break ⊰ Donghyuck doesn’t know when his life spiralled into this romantic comedy brilliance, but Donghyuck has the strong tingling sense that it’s probably Jaemin’s fault. It’s quite always Jaemin’s fault.
  • every little thing ⊰ If Donghyuck had a dollar for every time he didn’t make a fool of himself in front of Jaemin, he’d have enough for one (1) item from the dollar store.
  • lost without you ⊰ “We’re friends—“ Donghyuck chokes out, but he leans closer to the touch anyway. “—best friends,” Jaemin corrects him before he leans in and places his lips on Donghyuck’s.
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