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disclaimer ; i really love angst.
♡ ; indicates my favorites.
⋆ organized by favorite ships; older person in pairing listed first.
⋆ any warnings are bolded.
⋆ ratings range from general to explicit. ☻

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sungwoon + daniel

  • affinity, flowerwall ⊰ When Sungwoon thinks about the future, he sees himself, standing alone in an ocean of thoughts too complex and bizarre to be shared with anyone else. ♡
  • this is the spoiler to my heart ⊰ Sungwoon accidentally sends a compromising picture to everyone except the one guy it was intended for. This is a problem.
  • he will make you love again ⊰ Sungwoon spends nights after nights giving up the flutters of being in love, until a man comes and teaches him that he can fall in love too.
  • a primer for the small weird loves ⊰ Sungwoon is used to hooking up with people in the industry; a mutual understanding between the two parties based on unspoken rules and limits, but none of those people are Daniel and he eventually realises that none of them will get to Sungwoon like Daniel does.
  • bursting firework ⊰ The fireworks blooms in the sky just like Ha Sungwoon's heart. Bursting its colours beautifully and only one person can make that fireworks bloom. It's Kang Daniel. ♡
  • the misadventures of a not so secret couple ⊰ Sungwoon runs through a variety of emotions but still can't grasp the one that started it all: L O V E.
  • walk the path ⊰ Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. - Marilyn Monroe. Ha Sungwoon discovers fame, fortune, and Kang Daniel.
  • it's a love story ⊰ A story of love, friendship and how Sungwoon's love life gets fucked because Kim Chungha gets herself a boyfriend. ♡
  • ha sungwoon and the terrible horrible no good very bad day ⊰ Sungwoon somehow manages to make a fool out of himself in front of the whole school, airs out petty grudges over a welcome plaque and gets a confession from Kang Daniel all in one terrible horrible no good very bad day.
  • a complex fool and a simple fool ⊰ Daniel and Sungwoon fall in love, and discover that falling in love was the easy part. Everything else is difficult when you are in high school and still trying to find your way through.
  • of accidental confessions, you are the best gift ⊰ But alas, his plan is broken into pieces when Daniel marches into the kitchen with his trademark grin, and oh shit, all Sungwoon can think about is just how really fucking in love he is with him. “You- what?”
  • hey precious love ⊰ (in which Sungwoon loses a lot of things, but Daniel isn’t one of them)(or where Daniel loves and loves and maybe Sungwoon has seen it all along). ♡

jihoon + woojin

  • cracks in his porcelain ⊰ In which Woojin tries his hardest not to let Park Jihoon and the memories that his presence resurface lead him off of the path he worked hard to get back on, and Jihoon is made of broken parts but is convinced he's put most of himself back together again. ♡ cw: depression, anxiety, homophobia, emotional abuse.
  • bloom beautifully, dangerously ⊰ Every time this year, Woojin’s mom tries to talk him into dating someone new. He decides to bring someone home instead—courtesy Daehwi who happens to know an escort that could play a believable boyfriend. Except it’s Jihoon, his childhood friend, who is definitely not an escort. ♡
  • sometimes i dream foolish things ⊰ Park Jihoon never thought that a small lie would lead him to date his worst enemy.
  • shape of my love ⊰ Woojin doesn't expect the ride of his life when he accidentally spills coffee over a stranger's shirt.
  • this love for you is hard to contain ⊰ “We’re talking about, like, life and death here,” the demon says. “Either I kill someone for you, or I save someone’s life for you. Before then, I’m contractually bound to stay at your side and serve you.”
  • the summer they spent lost ⊰ Park Jihoon and Park Woojin have always been those bickering best friends everyone loves and hates to have around. Then they share a drunken kiss at a party and they don’t know what they are anymore—they just know they liked it a lot. ♡
  • and here you are ⊰ Park Jihoon has the most terrible week ever, except he meets Park Woojin. ♡
  • i'd rather have ⊰ If there's one thing Jihoon prides himself on, it's his coy and confident demeanour. It only takes an equally as confident, and more than a little elitist, classmate to send his façade crumbling— and Jihoon isn't quite sure what to do about it.
  • love that won't leave ⊰ Woojin was that kid that everyone except Jihoon found weird in middle school. But now they're older and Woojin is a hell of a lot more attractive and Jihoon has made it his mission to protect Woojin from all of the fakes. Or, Woojin gets mistaken as Jihoon's boyfriend more than once and Jihoon doesn't think it's all that necessary to correct them. ♡
  • the beauty of you ⊰ Jihoon would like to think that he has his life together, but when a part of his past that he wants to forget shows up in front of him again, his impulsive decision sets him off on the biggest rollercoaster of his life. Or, alternatively in which denying his feelings seems much easier to Jihoon than acccepting the fact that Woojin, his fake boyfriend, might become the subject of his epiphany.
  • to love without knowing how ⊰ When Park Woojin accidentally hits ex-boyfriend Park Jihoon with his car and breaks his arm, he agrees to help him with anything he needs. He does not expect Jihoon to ask him to be his fake boyfriend so he can attend his step brother Seongwoo's wedding and escape Seongwoo's ridicule. ♡
  • wtf and other solid ways of saying you're cute ⊰ Which important item did Park Woojin get stolen? (A) His identity (B) His heart (C) All of the above. ♡
  • once more, with feeling ⊰ A couple of first times leading to one climatic moment.
  • some men like to play with fire ⊰ Woojin is back from times square and Jihoon is ready for him. Or is he?

minhyun + seongwu

  • who says the nights are for sleeping ⊰ Seongwoo desires nothing, until he meets Hwang Minhyun. ♡
  • bed bugs ⊰ There’s something a little different about the warm body facing away from him, but Seongwoo doesn’t quite register what it is until he’s wrapping his arms around it again, not really pulling it closer because, well, it's too hot, but making his presence known around the man beside him again. “Hyung”, the body then says, “I’m not Minhyun hyung.” Or five times Seongwoo found someone else on Minhyun's bed (and one time he had Minhyun all to himself). ♡
  • forever entangled; inextricably bound ⊰ Seongwoo's used to this scene, used to Minhyun's smugness as they gear up for another round, the way both hands tighten the belt around the waist, the way he tilts his head — just so, showing off his adam's apple and the sharp angle of his jaw.
  • all wound up ⊰ Seongwu only fucks alphas under one condition. cw: ABO verse.
  • exposed ⊰ Minhyun practices for his solo stage. He's never thought that the blindfold could come in handy in more ways than planned.

sungwoon + minhyun

  • for the win ⊰ Sungwoon knows that some things are too good to be true. Minhyun is one of them. (In which Sungwoon wants what he can’t have, but wastes a lot of time trying anyway.) ♡
  • hey little heart ⊰ In which Sungwoon grumbles unhappily, and Minhyun thinks it's permission to fuck him pliant into the bed. Or where Sungwoon's eyes are swollen red and Minhyun takes him into his arms without any questions because Minhyun is an idiot until he needs not be. ♡
  • an unreasonable amount of leg ⊰ Sungwoon is used to being manhandled, really – from Jisung’s clingy embraces to Daniel almost smothering him on accident, from waking up crushed by the two children he shares a room with after a particularly stressful schedule to Guanlin wrapping himself around him like a giant koala in need of attention while waiting in line for a shower, he likes to think he has seen it all, suffered through it all when it comes to dealing with taller people unaware of the reach and strength of their own overgrown limbs. Yet. (Yet, Minhyun happens.)

misc. pairs

  • life in color daniel + woojin ⊰ Woojin is overwhelmed by a surge of sincerity as he glances at Daniel's lips, red from the cold, and admits, “I should have kissed you the other day.” ♡
  • make those cuddles count jisung + sungwoon ⊰ In which Jisung asks for cuddles but it involves Sungwoon naked and spread out on his bed. Or where Sungwoon knows Jisung finds him only when he’s at his limit and he needs physical reassurance.
  • nothing about you is real daniel + jihoon ⊰ It only takes Jihoon a trip to detention to meet Daniel and for his entire life to go downhill. ♡
  • the archives daniel + jihoon ⊰ With the finals week fast approaching and exams looming on the horizon, everybody on campus is looking for some way to take the edge off.
  • his highness's constellation seongwu + daniel ⊰ Stamping out the remains of resistance in a remote village, a high ranking general spots Ong Seongwoo, recognizing the defiant man for his stunning beauty. In the moment before Seongwoo is given a painful and potentially fatal injury, the General stops his soldier from going through with the act of violence. The General decides that the young man would make a perfect gift to signify the conquest. Scraped up from a musty village, Ong Seongwoo is thrown into the midst of the Kang Kingdom's volatile court. Relegated to the role of his highness's play thing, the concubine must navigate the gilded maze of sex, gossip, and politics in order to survive. Of course, things aren't as they seem. ♡ cw: depictions of violence, forced prostitution.
  • always seongwu + daniel ⊰ Wanna-be actor Ong Seongwoo decides that the only way he's going to break into the mainstream is to win the public's heart with a charity project. He doesn't expect his charity project to win his. ♡
  • idk and other cute ways of saying i like you seongwu + daniel ⊰ Daniel opens his eyes to the world of romance and immediately asks for a refund. (As it turns out, he doesn't have a receipt.) ♡
  • ong and the giant peach seongwu + daniel ⊰ After a harmless prank, Ong starts to suspect that his teammate on the soccer team has a bit of a thing for spanking. He investigates.
  • too sweet, two sweet minhyun + seongwu + daniel ⊰ Daniel's out looking for a drink and a good time. Minhyun and Seongwu are eager to play.
  • this song that's only for you sungwoon + minhyun + seongwu + daniel ⊰ Daniel lost a bet. It goes drastically downhill from there.
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