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﹂got7, skz, wanna one, nct
disclaimer ; i really love angst.
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jaebeom + jinyoung

  • the grandfather paradox ⊰ jaebum locks himself in a cyclic normalcy of work, home, life, and the two people he now loves most in the world- his husband jinyoung and six-year-old son yugyeom. so when a mysterious teenager shows up in his life and messes all that up, to say that he's just a little displeased by the change would be an understatement. but jaebum soon discovers there's more to this quiet, truthful boy than meets the eye, and knows that he has just about four days to find out why. ♡
  • aesthesis ⊰ sometimes people have bad days. sometimes people feel too much and the excess spills out of their eyes as tears. for some people, that happens while reading a book, or watching TV, or visiting family. for jaebum it happened while he was face down on a bed, getting fucked hard and fast by jinyoung, who was almost his lover without the love part.
  • talk me down ⊰ he’s about to press the call button on jaebum’s number when his phone vibrates suddenly, startling him. jaebum’s gleeful eyeless grin flashes across the screen and jinyoung’s heart jolts with an unmistakable emotion. he feels his stomach sinking and heart soaring at the same time. ♡
  • sway ⊰ jaebum can't sleep. cw: dom/sub undertones, edging, overstimulation.
  • ain't nobody else make me feel like ⊰ “you deserve to feel good, baby.” and jinyoung is well-equipped to make sure that he does. cw: dom/sub undertones.
  • keep me warm ⊰ the problem is that jaebum...isn't a cat. at least, not entirely. god, sometimes jinyoung wishes it were that easy, wishes he could just leave out a bowl of food and water and maybe get his laptop keyboard used as a napping spot when he was supposed to be working and have a simple owner-pet relationship. instead, jinyoung has a romantic entanglement bordering on codependency and the worst case of blue balls he’s ever had. and mark had said that getting a cat hybrid would be good for his blood pressure. what a joke. ♡ cw: hybrids.
  • bloom ⊰ jaebum may have learned to accept his role as future king, but accepting this new role — the thought makes him sick to his stomach. if he could have, jaebum would have chosen any other way to present as an omega. (or: omegaverse arranged marriage au featuring princes!jjp and a cast of loudmouth extras.) ♡ cw: omegaverse.
  • anteroom ⊰ how do you act around your ex with your child in the other room? it’s been almost a year and a half, and jinyoung has yet to figure it out. ♡
  • charade ⊰ jaebum and jinyoung walk parallel paths in many ways, but jaebum isn't interested in their intersection. jaebum struggles to support his young son on his own, while everything seems to come easy for wealthy, charming jinyoung. but when they're forced to partner for a project, jaebum finds himself a bit more willing, and much more in need. ♡
  • hooked ⊰ jinri is one of the newest cast members of we got married. jaebum, of course, is completely fine with this. (coed got7 au). ♡ cw: genderswap.
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