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disclaimer ; i really love angst.
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  • warmth platonic chan + jisung, romantic minho + jisung ⊰ under any other cirumstances, jisung would not have done it. he swears on his life. but he was just so damn hungry. (au in which jisung is a homeless kid who tries to steal some rich foreign guy's wallet and is found out - fate works in mysterious ways.) ♡
  • because he's pretty minho + jisung ⊰ lee minho has no shame in getting what he wants, and if he has to use the adorable boy called han jisung to get it then so be it. or that college au where broke dance major minho wants in on the free couples spa trip and science major jisung happens to be there when he needs a fake boyfriend.
  • oasis in the desert minho + jisung ⊰ han jisung is sloppy kisses in dark corners, he’s the lips on minho’s neck at 2am, he’s the sugary taste of fruits, he’s the sweaty skin under minho’s fingers. he’s a hazy dream of a shadowy figure that lurks in minho’s peripheral vision. jisung never feels real until he’s in minho’s hold and then he’s gone way too soon. but maybe it's time minho learned to hold onto things. ♡
  • of paw prints and first kisses minho + jisung ⊰ jisung is kind of like a cat. minho loves cats.
  • two numbers chan + jisung ⊰ jisung: hey it’s me jisung. i know this is weird haha but i saw you today with a boy. you looked happy. i hope you know that this is all i want for you and that i‘m happy for you too :) ???: Ah, I‘m sorry but I think you have the wrong number, I don‘t know a Jisung. or: jisung just wanted to text his ex but messes up the last two numbers. little did he know, later he’d think that this was maybe the best mistake of his life.
  • what goes up... jisung centric ⊰ "jisung’s heart was in his throat. he could barely breathe but forced himself to count the seats between him and the nearest exit, forced himself to memorize the distance between himself and that kid david, forced himself to make a count of other passengers nearby that might need help; the older man and elderly lady a few rows back, the mother and her small baby, and the group of kids around david." jisung had been hoping for a smooth ride - just a normal flight from korea to cali, and a nice reunion with his members. he wasn't anticipating spending any of that time on the ocean...
  • when all seems lost jisung centric ⊰ jisung had been doing better, a lot better. he hadn't cut in months, panic attacks were becoming farther and farther apart. however, with their upcoming comeback, things had taken a turn for the worse mental health wise and jisung struggles to stay afloat. cw: depression, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempt.
sep 25 2019 ∞
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