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  • December 2 - It's early Monday morning. I'm on night shift right now for work, and I really don't want to go into work this evening xD
  • December 8 - The unfortunate thing about transitioning back to day shift is always the shorter weekend. And the fact that it's just harder to get your sleep back.
  • December 10 - I am frustrated with work. Just so tired. So tired. They put Charles as our lead only because they wanted to get him away from anything that slowed the line down, because they know he's not really capable. I am so tired of being here for thirteen hours five to six days out of the week for every single day, when the only reason is because he won't help us when we need him to, and if we don't need his help he'll get in the way.
    • I am so tired of our new people not knowing that things are going to get better if only they apply themselves. I am so tired of this.
    • This isn't a bad place to work, but I am just so tired.
  • Dec 22 - I "officially" came out as bi to my lesbian co-worker today, but I wish I hadn't. She didn't say anything negative or mean, but I just...I don't know. It might be all in my head, but I make so many lesbian and sex jokes that I'm afraid they'll be taken literally now. I wish I hadn't said anything.
  • Dec 27 - I'm so nervous. Anxious. Not exactly "dead" inside, that's not the word at all--I think it's dread. Day 2 testing for Toyota was yesterday. I don't feel good about it.
  • Dec 28 - My mom kinda/sorta "called me out?" That's not the right phrase at all. Basically, she sort of threw me under the bus--unintentionally--by being like, "If you think THAT'S bad, her ex was 43!!!"
    • WHICH IS NOT EVEN TRUE. There was not one point in our relationship when he was even 40 hahaha
  • Dec 29 - I am terrified that Trump will win the next election. Before I didn't really think he would have another shot, but his impeachment is getting people so worked up. His "us vs them," I'm afraid, is working.


  • Jan 4 - I really feel like all of the uppers (senior team leader, supervisor, manager, etc) are mad at me and it makes life hard.
  • Jan 14 - It is never going to get better. If anything, it will only get worse. I so badly feel like walking out--thinking even harder about not coming in at all on Friday. Hmm....
  • Jan 22 - Overall, I feel like things are on the up. I'm even taking a lunch break!
  • Jan 29 - There is nothing so good as managers, supervisors, etc., that truly care about you and listen to what you have to say. Thank the Gods I finally decided to speak out about what we were experiencing! I should have done it sooner, but all things happen for a reason. The team I have now is good. Only two of them struggle, but with four other good forklift drivers moving, myself included, we're going to be okay!
    • I'm only a little nervous about my physical with Toyota tomorrow. Mainly because I'm not quite certain about exact dates I've had surgery, because I was so young when they happened--but it's going to be okay! This is going to work out in my favor, no matter what happens! <3
    • It amazes me how much my mood has improved since they removed Charles from our department.
  • Feb 10
    • I have a crush that I'm finding difficult to get rid of aykkdu
  • Feb 14
    • Ahhhhh dude, I just found out he got back with an ex. Damn, but glad hahaha
  • April 15
    • I am afraid of what Mama is thinking.
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