all you need to do for this is write five things. these can be peoples names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, anything that sums up your day. do it each day on your listography for a year.

♡: best days



  • 0101 | fireworks (cu de copacabana), rio, chan's a pothead and felix's a funkeiro according to stele, reducing sleep meds, hymn of death.
  • 0201 | dreamt of seulgi, tinder boys, rachel comforting me at playground, hanging out with sis, rafa and her cousin.
  • 0301 | i wish that i could wake up with amnesia, yt vids, nap till 7pm, au, ranting to my friends while crying.
  • 0401 | not eating, skiz vids, matricula na escola, call with may (she helped me a lot), getting back with debbie (feeling happy.)
  • 0501 | você não vai parar de sorrir?, eyebrows, going to the pub with sis, rafa and rachel, karaoke night, p.s. still love you (45%).
  • 0601 | watching you, wifi ralph, exchanging affection with sun at the cinema, holding hands with may in the mall, meeting my old school friends. ♡
  • 0701 | family reunion in my bedroom, you, doing nothing, being dirty with fer, sleeping 5am talking to debbie.
  • 0801 | fake married with davi, feeling down, recognize small victories, depression crisis, kaguya and hymn of death.
  • 0901 | still sad, time alone, lady midnight (7%), drawing, watching bunny girl.
  • 1001 | isolated, quality time with my parents, book (17%), accidentally in love, ill never be a normal teen.
  • 1101 | im just gonna stay in bed forever, no meds and no food, a quiet place, taking a nap, thirty but seventeen.
  • 1201 | sleeping 8am, still seventeen, dance medley, i need to **** someone jeez, bingewatching sex education.
  • 1301 | bored, anime and kdrama, lady midnight (25%), i can't sleep without meds, trying to be alone but looking for friends.
  • 1401 | chae day!!, in my bedroom for a week, kubo and the two strings, finishing bunny girl and still 17, i dont feel the same.
  • 1501 | titans, listening to 2000s songs, popcorn, hating myself, taking sleep pilss.
  • 1601 | crying at the therapist, no one can help me, finishing titans, mom saying hyunjin looks like a girl, junkyu.
  • 1801 | finishing ygtb, junkyu will make a debut, helping sister with her job interview, laughing at vids with mom. ♡
  • 1901 | stray kids' vlive, burn the stage, horror gameplay, feeling sad and alone, ice cream.
  • 2001 | sky castle, el laberinto del fauno, conversations with lari, ice cream again, maybe i have a date tomorrow.
  • 2101 | scared of stepping out of my comfort zone, skiz, games with debbie and davi, sky castle with mom.
  • 2201 | going out of home, listening to songs, visiting the hospital, the mall, buying school objects.
  • 2301 | laying in bed all day, stray kids are saving my life, the haunting of hill house, mingau de aveia.
  • 2401 | finishing hill house, life is strange 2, watching live all day!!, tapioca, rachel.
  • 2501 | grandma is home, sky castle with fam, afternoon conversation, dancing the night away, making future plans with debbie.
  • 2601 | sleeping 8am, my phillipines' friend!, boring day, rabbit with _tina, we talked for more than 7 hours.
  • 2701 | boring day.
  • 2801 | talking in baby voice with debbie, fun chat with safadas do johnny, felix is my ex crush (japa), juan is a cutiepie!
  • 2901 | driving grandma home, sky castle, the 9th, tina.
  • 3001 | therapy, talking about killing the old me, kdrama with mom, foda-se, alan.
  • 3101 | making stele's social media au, writing poetry, sky castle!!!, sweet popcorn.


  • 0102 | stele's bday!!!, crying bc of k-drama, song hero, talking to davi, am i doing the right thing?
  • 0202 | hereditary, watching horror movies alone is my job, finishing sky castle, i guess i don't wanna die, crepioca.
  • 0302 | flirting with girls, esfiha and ice cream, stray kids!!, talking to davi.
  • 0402 | am i liking her again?, everything is so twisted..., remembering old days, feeling hot in a green shirt, buying tickets for bts movie.
  • 0502 | talking about getting out of comfort zone in therapy, getting eyebrows done, haircut(e)!, lots of selfies, sexy.
  • 0602 | owari no seraph, anxious about school starting, but it didn't actually, making lots of gifs and pics, feeling beautiful. ♡
  • 0702 | ouija, also romance is a bonus book, laughing with my mom, flirting, feeling kinda depressed at night.
  • 0802 | spoiling my girlfriend, bingewatching one day at a time, pretty much it?, oh maybe this girl will come to rio.
  • 0902 | seulgi bday and i did nothng, uniform, cousins, crying at the cinema bc of singularity, rock concert w may and stele and lots of dogs. ♡
  • 1002 | she's using me, caleb day, exchanging lots of midia with the bunny of my kitten, trashy movie with nath and rafa, jennifer's body.
  • 1102 | resident evil 2, first day of school, im very friendly actually, viviane is my teacher Again.
  • 1202 | feeling bad, headache and bodyache, skipping school, dear ex.
  • 1302 | nath and rafa, meteor garden with parents, brooklyn 99, gay panic.
  • 1402 | finishing meteor garden, cólica, napping at afternoon, b99, maybe i have i crush?
  • 1502 |
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