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it's not days we remember; it's the moments.

——— julho

um. musicais & disney songs. journal. new haircut. cutting nonna's hair. slow and boring days. migraine. i-land. need new clothes D:. stressed [w neighbours].

dois. be aware of ur surroundings. does it still spark joy? crying w the office's end. beauty in ordinary things. morgana's bath. chain. pizza night. att do pc. parks. cotton candy. cooking my meals.

três. cortando clonazepam. darker shade. grade da faculdade. was it love? painting process. i could live in ghibli's films. horror youtube. fluffy blanket. sarah, reality & discord. ♥

quatro. lambs. one pill. soft makeup. cafe! warm reading. baking [went wrong]. migraine & darkness. nath & rafa. house hunting. harry potter. anxious [w adulting] and worried [w surgery].

cinco. health issues. golden hour is 7am. rain, lemon cake and bad movies ♥. friends. lincoln. blue mug, blue house. nostalgia is bittersweet; it aches. i'm young, but youth feels like a lifetime ago.

——— agosto

um. slowing down. packing. journal. beach at night. cold weather. muffin. inner secrets. before the coffee gets cold. guns n' roses. psy studies. loneliness. nath's & italian film. stress moving out.

dois. settling in new house. depressed and sui*****. uncomfortable in my own mind and space. gotta make a home. it will be ok. order of phoenix. dermatologist. may! housecleaning therapy.

jun 19 2020 ∞
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