• above all, I want to be as open-minded as possible in fandom. I don't care what content anybody is into (no matter how problematic it is) as long as they're civil towards others.
  • CONTENT WARNING: I do ship problematic ships (such as incest or age gaps). If this bothers you OR you conflate fictional content w/ real life pedophilia or incest - it's best you don't follow my twitter account.
  • I am, however, aware of the uncomfortable nature of such content and thus, am not particularly vocal about it in public spaces (and relegate it to DMs mostly). You'll probably just get off-handed comments and sfw art RTs from me on main.
  • if you are okay with all of the above but a certain ship squicks you for personal reasons, feel free to DM me to ask it to be tagged!
  • SPOILER POLICY: I try to stay quiet or vague about spoilers but if it's for a niche/obscure enough series that nobody is talking about I tend to tweet them freely. If you would prefer not to have a specific ongoing series spoiled, let me know
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