• november 1: ronan’s birthday!
  • november 3: election day
  • november 8: dad’s birthday!
  • november 10: ali’s birthday!
  • november 11: julien’s birthday!
  • november 13: top surgery consult, 2:00 / christian’s birthday / uncle james
  • november 26: thanksgiving


  • nanowrimo(?)
    • (0/30,000 words)


  • sailor moon
    • what can i say? usagi speaks to me and i want nothing more in life than a little black cat named luna
  • russian doll
    • i love nadia & alan so very much, even though he's an anxious bitch and she's kinda mean
  • the good place
    • i am chidi and jason's love child

best moments of the month

  • watching emma and falling in love with anya taylor-joy again; spending dad's birthday with him and his weird self; surprising ali for her birthday; eating caramel cake and chatting with family at dad's socially distant birthday party; playing hades while leaning against mars; mars buying us matching lockets and putting mine on for me; kissing the soft roundness of their face before i left to go home; being called leo; having my top surgery consult and dr. gast being an absolute dream, telling me that insurance would likely cover the whole procedure! now just to tell my parents; one of my patrons calling out, "love ya!" as she left, arms full of books; TESTING NEGATIVE FOR COVID AFTER MY SCARE; telling dad i want top surgery despite the fear i felt & the fear on his face; getting my tattoo touched up; finishing inuyasha :(; garrett bringing me treats; birthday gifts from my friends and realizing how stupidly loved i am
nov 1 2020 ∞
dec 10 2020 +