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though time be against us,
hope shall ever be on our side

Kass follows:
  • video games: ffxiv (gilgamesh/bard main), league of legends, smt/persona, drakengard/nier, metal gear, kingdom hearts, dragon age, fallout, deus ex, devil may cry, fire emblem, world of warcraft (illidan/horde), destiny 2 (ps4/steam)
  • music: rock: at the drive-in/the mars volta, deftones, ttng, turnover, pity sex, meet me in st. louis, blakfish, colour, cursive, rx bandits, the smiths // rap: lil ugly mane, jpegmafia, ratking, nickelus f, denzel curry, seshollowaterboyz, danger incorporated, the weeknd, playboi carti
  • anime/manga: mochijun, evangelion, jjba, naruto, fma
  • reading: nonfiction in general, but i'm especially interested in philosophy, sociology, and psychology


dec 17 2017 ∞
jan 26 2020 +