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  • idk how multifandoms should work but i tend to talk about one or two faves for quite a while before focusing on another again, but i love them all the same
  • i relentlessly curse and don't bother censoring l*ke th*s because you'd still know the word anyway so what's the point... i suggest to mute these words if they really bother you i guess
  • i'm v frank with my opinions, it's my acc and you don't have to see what i say. so if that stuff makes you uncomfortable, feel free to softblock or keep scrolling. twitter has these functions for a reason.
  • i've had an ongoing bit since 2016 of an elaborate backstory circling around the aftereffects of a failed marriage i had with joshua hong, so if you see me nonchalantly talk about lawsuits or child custody regarding chan and minghao in the tone of a bitter ex-wife, just know it's been a thing... lmao
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