Inspired by Stevie.


  • Dachshunds: brown, and black; twelve weeks old; sisters, Heidi + Gretchen. Got to babysit them for almost a week!


  • Bulldog: brown, white, female, couple months old. Dad even let me hold her, and she (puppy) gave me kisses!
  • Shitzu (?): white. Barked a lot at my roommate, wouldn't let said roommate near it, but didn't mind when I went over to pet it, and wouldn't bark at me. Has a dachshund brother/sister.
  • Cocker spaniel: black and white — looks just like my dog, Lex. Very friendly, very old. Was on a walk with his mom.


  • Husky: grey, tan, white; one blue eye, one brown eye. Kissed my hand!


  • Scottish Terrier (?): black. Walked right up to me, sniffed me, and let me pet her even though she seemed to bark at everyone else.
  • Pitbull (?): mostly brown, female - Her name is Lily. Her dad let me pet her. She seemed skittish, but wagged her tail while I was petting her head, and neck.
  • Labrador Retriever (?): black. Jumped for joy when her dad tried to pass me; stopped to lick my hand, seemed very excited to see me, even though her dad seemed mortified she jumped on me.
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